Spare Parts
The DCC Museum  has various parts for most dcc players.

New and Used:

- Pinch Rollers
- Belts
- Batteries
- Remotes
- Gears
- Motors
- Capacitors
- Buttons
- Displays
- Old players that can be used for parts.

To request any spare part, we would like to invite you to become a patron of the dccmuseum at .

This way you actively join us in keeping the dcc format alive.

About Us
The DCC Musuem is dedicated to keeping the Digital Compact Cassette format alive.

We are restoring players, their batteries and producing music on original DCC tape.
We also preserve several non player related items, like documentation, manuals, advertisements and various other materials and welcome anybody to contribute and donate what they can make available.

The DCC Museum is open by appointment only.

2700 Vanderbilt LN                                       
Redondo Beach, CA 90278                           
[email protected] 

Ralf Porankiewicz, Curator
Jorn Siemonsma, Research
Jac Goudsmit, Technical Research & Support