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All DCC Releases

All DCC RELEASES we know of

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ImageArtistTitleLabelDCC MuseumYearCatalog Number
16 Danske Tophits - 16 Danske Tophits (DCC)16 Danske Tophits16 Danske TophitsPolydor✔️1993514 895-5
19-21 Universal Band - Brass Around The World (DCC)19-21 Universal BandBrass Around The WorldVictor✔️MVXD-4
A Festival Of Christmas Carols - A Festival Of Christmas Carols (DCC)A Festival Of Christmas CarolsA Festival Of Christmas CarolsPhilips ✔️1990416 249-5
A Merry Christmas And A Happy 1996 - A Merry Christmas And A Happy 1996 (DCC)A Merry Christmas And A Happy 1996A Merry Christmas And A Happy 1996Polygram✔️1996449 661-5
A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year - A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year (DCC)A Merry Christmas And A Happy New YearA Merry Christmas And A Happy New YearPolygram ✔️1992Special Projects
A-ha - Headlines And Deadlines: The Hits Of A-ha (DCC)A-haHeadlines And Deadlines: The Hits Of A-haWarner Bros. Records✔️19927599-26773-5 DCC
ABBA - ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits (DCC)ABBAABBA Gold: Greatest HitsPolar, Polydor✔️1992517 007-5
ABBA - More ABBA Gold: More ABBA Hits (DCC)ABBAMore ABBA Gold: More ABBA HitsPolar, Polydor✔️1993519 353-5
ABBA - Super Trouper (DCC)ABBASuper TrouperPolydor✔️19804228000235
ABBA - Plays ABBA Classic (DCC)ABBAPlays ABBA ClassicDisky✔️1993dcc 811-5
Abbado, Claudio - Mahler Symphony No.1 (DCC)Abbado, ClaudioMahler Symphony No.1Deutsche Grammophon✔️1991POXG-1023
Abbado, Claudio - Bolero 5 Hungarian Dances Abbado, ClaudioBolero 5 Hungarian Dances "Classical" SymphonyPolydor✔️1982439 247-5
AC/DC - The Razor's Edge (DCC)AC/DCThe Razor's EdgeWarner✔️19937567914135
Ace of Base - Happy Nation [U.S. Version] (DCC)Ace of BaseHappy Nation [U.S. Version]Metronome✔️521 472-5
Ace of Base - The Bridge (DCC)Ace of BaseThe BridgeMetronome✔️1995529 397-5
Acoustic Alchemy - Back On The Case (DCC)Acoustic AlchemyBack On The CaseBMG✔️1993GRP 96485
Adagio - Adagio Karajan (DCC)AdagioAdagio KarajanDeutsche Grammophon✔️1993439 170-5
Adam, John - The Chairman Dances & Other Works (DCC)Adam, JohnThe Chairman Dances & Other WorksNonesuch✔️19879 79144-5
Adams, Bryan - 18 Till I Die (DCC)Adams, Bryan18 Till I DieA&M Records✔️1996540 551-5
Adams, Bryan - So Far So Good (DCC)Adams, BryanSo Far So GoodA&M Records✔️1993540 157-5
Adams, Bryan - Waking Up The Neighbours (DCC)Adams, BryanWaking Up The NeighboursA&M Records✔️199175021 5367-5
Adams, Bryan - Cuts Like a Knife (DCC)Adams, BryanCuts Like a KnifeA&M Records✔️1983394919-5
Adams, John - Fearful Symetries (DCC)Adams, JohnFearful SymetriesWarner✔️19937559792185
Adams, Oleta - Circle Of One (DCC)Adams, OletaCircle Of OneFontana✔️848 740-5
Adams, Oleta - Evolution (DCC)Adams, OletaEvolutionFontana✔️1993514 965-5
Alabama - Alabama Greatest Hits (DCC)AlabamaAlabama Greatest HitsRCA Victor (2)✔️199207863-57170-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableAldis, JohnFestival Of Christmas...
Alexiou, Haris - Nefelis Str. '88 (DCC)Alexiou, HarisNefelis Str. '88Philips✔️1995526 740-5
Alexiou, Haris - Wishes (DCC)Alexiou, HarisWishesPhilips✔️1992512 869-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableAlexiou, HarisDi'efchon
Alexiou, Haris - Hey (DCC)Alexiou, HarisHeyPhilips ✔️1994525 515-5
All That Jazz - All That Jazz (DCC)All That JazzAll That JazzDisky✔️1993DCC 804-5
Allman Brothers Band - Allman Brothers Band Decade Of Hits 1969 - 1979 (DCC)Allman Brothers BandAllman Brothers Band Decade Of Hits 1969 - 1979Polydor✔️511 156-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableAlpha BlondyMasadaEMI19937986205
Ancient Fan Death Studios - Late Night Sci-Fi (DCC)Ancient Fan Death StudiosLate Night Sci-FiGorgeous Lights✔️2020Light 051
Ancient Fan Death Studios - The Island Shore All-Stars (DCC)Ancient Fan Death StudiosThe Island Shore All-StarsGorgeous Lights✔️2021Light-063
Andrews, Julie - Broadway: The Music Of Richard Rodgers (DCC)Andrews, JulieBroadway: The Music Of Richard RodgersPhilips✔️1994442 603-5
Andrews, Julie - Rodgers and Hammerstein: King & I (DCC)Andrews, JulieRodgers and Hammerstein: King & IPhonogram✔️4380075
Angelique - Kidjo Logozo (DCC)AngeliqueKidjo LogozoIsland✔️1991510 353 5
Antolini, Charly - Jazz Power (DCC)Antolini, CharlyJazz PowerBASF✔️1993BASFSPECIAL
Archer, Tasmin - Great Expectations (DCC)Archer, TasminGreat ExpectationsEM Records✔️1992780 134 5
Army of Lovers - Gods Of Earth And Heaven (DCC)Army of LoversGods Of Earth And HeavenStockholm Records✔️1993519133-5
Astley, Rick - Hold Me In Your Arms (DCC)Astley, RickHold Me In Your ArmsBMG✔️199307863 585895
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableAtzteDie Bestie In MenschengestaltMetronome1993521 017-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableAtztePlanet PunkMetronome1995529 151-5
Austin, Patti - Carry On (DCC)Austin, PattiCarry OnBMG✔️1993GRP 96605
Au p'tit Bonheur - Le Bal des Moins Pires (DCC)Au p'tit BonheurLe Bal des Moins PiresPolydor✔️1993521184-5
B-52s - Cosmic Thing (DCC)B-52sCosmic ThingWarner✔️19937599258545
Bach - Magnificat (DCC)BachMagnificatPhilips✔️1993411 458-5
Bach - The Bach Album (DCC)BachThe Bach AlbumDeutsche Grammophon✔️1992429737-5
Bach - Bach: Toccatas & Fugen (DCC)BachBach: Toccatas & FugenWarner✔️19922 292-45188-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBachBach: Violin ConcertosBMG✔️199109026 607185
Bach - Bach Organ Concertos BWV 592-596 (DCC)BachBach Organ Concertos BWV 592-596Deutsche Grammophon✔️19884230875
Bach - Sonatas For Violin and Piano (DCC)BachSonatas For Violin and PianoPhilips✔️1993434 084-5
Bach - Mullova Performs Bach, Partitas 1, 2, 3 (DCC)BachMullova Performs Bach, Partitas 1, 2, 3Philips✔️1994434 075-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBachBach: Weihnachts Oratorium
Bach - Famous Bach Choruses Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (DCC)BachFamous Bach Choruses Jesu, Joy of Man's DesiringArchiv✔️1987439 885-5
Vladimir Ashkenazy - Chopin Favourites (DCC)Vladimir AshkenazyChopin FavouritesDecca✔️1992417798-5
Baker, Anita - Compositions (DCC)Baker, AnitaCompositionsElektra✔️199060922-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBaker, AnitaRaptureWarner19937559604445
Bananarama - Bananarama Greatest Hits Collection (DCC)BananaramaBananarama Greatest Hits CollectionLondon Records✔️1992828 106-5
BAP - BAP Live Affrocke (DCC)BAPBAP Live AffrockeElectrola✔️19917976735
Barbara - Chatelet 93 Vol I (DCC)BarbaraChatelet 93 Vol IPhilips Digital Classics✔️1994518 965-5
Barbara - Chatelet 93 Vol II (DCC)BarbaraChatelet 93 Vol IIPhilips Digital Classics✔️1994518 966-5
Barcarolle - Barcarolle (DCC)BarcarolleBarcarolleDeutsche Grammophon✔️1982439 246-5
Bartok - Bartok: Violin Concerto 2 / Moret: En Reve (DCC)BartokBartok: Violin Concerto 2 / Moret: En ReveDeutsche Grammophon✔️1991431 626-5
Bartok - Bartok: Divertimento/Dance Suite e.a. Music For Strings (DCC)BartokBartok: Divertimento/Dance Suite e.a. Music For StringsDECCA✔️19904303525
Bartok - Barok: Concerto for Orchestra Op.12 (DCC)BartokBarok: Concerto for Orchestra Op.12Deutsche Grammophon✔️1993437 826-5
Bartoli, Cecilia - Mozart Portraits (DCC)Bartoli, CeciliaMozart PortraitsLondon✔️1994443 452-5
Bashung, Alaine - Osez Josephine (DCC)Bashung, AlaineOsez JosephineBarclay✔️1992511 485-5
Bashung  - Bashung (DCC)Bashung BashungBarclay✔️1993517 221-5
Battiato, Franco - Come Un Cammello In Una Grondaia (DCC)Battiato, FrancoCome Un Cammello In Una GrondaiaEMI✔️1991504 7981215
Beach Boys - Absolute Best Vol. 1 (DCC)Beach BoysAbsolute Best Vol. 1Capitol✔️19919679553
Beach Boys - Pet Sounds (DCC)Beach BoysPet SoundsCapitol✔️1990c50777748421-50
Beatles - Plays Beatles Classic (DCC)BeatlesPlays Beatles ClassicDisky✔️1993dcc 812-5
Bee Gees - Size Isn't Everything (DCC)Bee GeesSize Isn't EverythingPolydor✔️1993519945 5
Bee Gees - Spirits Having Flown (DCC)Bee GeesSpirits Having FlownPolydor✔️1979827 335-5
Bee Gees - Very Best Of The Bee Gees (DCC)Bee GeesVery Best Of The Bee GeesPolydor✔️1990847 339-5
Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique (DCC)BerliozSymphonie FantastiquePhilips Digital Classics✔️1993434402-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBoyceSymphonies, Op. 2Decca1993436 761-5
The Tango Orchestra - Blauer Himmel (DCC)The Tango OrchestraBlauer HimmelVictor✔️1992VIXP-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBeethovenBeethoven: Piano Sonatas 21, 22, 28
Beethoven - Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Op. 31, 1-3 (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Piano Sonatas Op. 31, 1-3Philips Classics Productions✔️438134-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBeethovenBeethoven: Piano Sonatas Op. 31, No 1 Op. 31, No 2 Der SturnPhilips
Beethoven - Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Op. 53, Op. 54 & 101 (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Piano Sonatas Op. 53, Op. 54 & 101Philips✔️438472-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBeethovenBeethoven: Symphony 5 "Choral"Philips✔️438158-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBeethovenPiano Son Op 31, No1 Op 31, No2Philips
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBeethovenBeethoven: Italian SongsDecca4402975
Bruckner - Sinfonie Nr 7 E-Dur (DCC)BrucknerSinfonie Nr 7 E-DurInit✔️1992INT560.901
Bruckner - Symphony No. 5 (DCC)BrucknerSymphony No. 5Decca✔️1993433 318-5
Beethoven - Beethoven: Sym. 9 Chorale (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Sym. 9 ChoralePhilips Digital Classics✔️1993438 158-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBeethovenBeethoven: Piano Concertos 5Phonogram4162155
Beethoven - Beethoven: Sym. 9 (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Sym. 9Deutsche Grammophon✔️19844390065
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBeethovenBeethoven: Piano Concerto 5 "Emperor"Deutsche Grammophon1992429 748-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBeethovenBeethoven: Piano Sonatas Op. 27/NOS 1&2: Op.2Polydor4277705
Beethoven - Cello Sonatas Opp. 69 & 102 Etc. (DCC)BeethovenCello Sonatas Opp. 69 & 102 Etc.Deutsche Grammophon✔️1993437 514-5
Beethoven - Beethoven: Missa Solemnis (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Missa SolemnisArchiv Produktion✔️429 779-5
Beethoven - Beethoven: Violin Concerto (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Violin ConcertoBMG / RCA Victor Red Seal199209026 61219 5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBeethovenBeethoven: Sym. 3 "Eroica"BMG✔️09026 607555
Beethoven - Beethoven: Mondschein sonate ea (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Mondschein sonate eaPhonogram✔️19924258385
Beethoven - Beethoven: Piano Concertos 1 & 2 (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Piano Concertos 1 & 2Deutsche Grammophon✔️1992437 545-5
Beethoven - Beethoven: Piano Concertos 1 & 2 (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Piano Concertos 1 & 2Phonogram✔️19934333205
Beethoven - Beethoven: Piano Concertos 3 & 4 (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Piano Concertos 3 & 4Phonogram✔️19884333215
Beethoven - Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Opp. 109/110/111 (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Piano Sonatas Opp. 109/110/111DECCA✔️1992436 076-5
Beethoven - Beethoven: Piano Concertos 5 (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Piano Concertos 5Phonogram✔️19934333225
Beethoven - Beethoven: Sym. 1 & 2 (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Sym. 1 & 2Polydor✔️19954390015
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBeethovenBeethoven: Sym. 3 Eroica/EgmontPolydor4390025
Beethoven - Beethoven: Sym. 3 etc. (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Sym. 3 etc.Polydor✔️19874195975
Beethoven - Beethoven: Sym. 3 Leonore Overture 3 (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Sym. 3 Leonore Overture 3RCA Victor✔️19919026607555
Beethoven - Beethoven: Sym. 4 & 7 (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Sym. 4 & 7Polydor✔️19854390035
Beethoven - Beethoven: Sym. 5 & 6 BeethovenBeethoven: Sym. 5 & 6 "Pastoral"Polydor✔️19844390045
Beethoven - Beethoven: Sym. 8 Coriolan etc. (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Sym. 8 Coriolan etc.Polydor✔️19864390055
Beethoven - Beethoven: Sym. 9 (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Sym. 9Polydor✔️19874195985
Beethoven - Beethoven: Sym.4 & 5 (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven: Sym.4 & 5Phonogram✔️19924176155
Beethoven - Moonlight Pastoral (DCC)BeethovenMoonlight PastoralDeutsche Grammophon✔️1992427 770-5
Beethoven - Beethoven Symphony 9 Choral (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven Symphony 9 ChoralPhilips✔️1993432 995-5
Beethoven - Beethoven Piano Concerto Nr.5 (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven Piano Concerto Nr.5Philips✔️1996416 215-5
Beethoven - Piano Concertos Nos. 3 & 4 (DCC)BeethovenPiano Concertos Nos. 3 & 4Deutsche Grammophon✔️1992429 749-5
Beethoven - Beethoven Symphonies Nos 4 & 6 Pastoral (DCC)BeethovenBeethoven Symphonies Nos 4 & 6 PastoralPhilips✔️1991432 964-5
Bel Canto - Bel Canto Aria's (DCC)Bel CantoBel Canto Aria'sPhilips ✔️1994434 912-5
Bel Canto - Bel Canto Ialian Opera Arias (DCC)Bel CantoBel Canto Ialian Opera AriasDeutsche Grammophon✔️1993435 866-5
Bell Biv Devoe - Poison (DCC)Bell Biv DevoePoisonMCA Records✔️1990MCAX-6387
Bell, Joshua - Mozart: Violin Concertos 3 & 5 (DCC)Bell, JoshuaMozart: Violin Concertos 3 & 5Phonogram✔️1992436376
Bell, Joshua - Poeme (DCC)Bell, JoshuaPoemePhonogram✔️4335195
Benoit, David - Shadows (DCC)Benoit, DavidShadowsBMG✔️1993GRP 96545
Berlioz - Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique (DCC)BerliozBerlioz: Symphonie FantastiquePhilips✔️1993434 402-5
Berlioz - Berlioz: Messe Solenelle (DCC)BerliozBerlioz: Messe SolenellePhilips✔️1994442 137-5
Berlioz - Berlioz: Sym. Fantastique (DCC)BerliozBerlioz: Sym. FantastiqueEMI✔️19890777 7495415
Berlioz - Berlioz: Sym. Fantastique (DCC)BerliozBerlioz: Sym. FantastiquePhonogram✔️4321515
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBerliozBerlioz: Symphonie FantastiqueEMI1993DCC 7 49541 2
Bernstein, Leonard - West Side Story [Highlights] (DCC)Bernstein, LeonardWest Side Story [Highlights]Polydor✔️19854159635
Bernstein, Leonard - On the Town (DCC)Bernstein, LeonardOn the TownDeutsche Grammophon✔️1993437516-5
Bernstein, Leonard - Candide Hoogtepunten [Original Cast] (DCC)Bernstein, LeonardCandide Hoogtepunten [Original Cast]Polydor✔️4354875
Best Sellers - Best Sellers (DCC)Best SellersBest SellersDisky✔️1993DCC 807-5
Big Band - All Star Big Band (DCC)Big BandAll Star Big BandBMG✔️1993GRP 96725
Billy Ze Kick - Billy Ze Kick et Les Gamins en Folle (DCC)Billy Ze KickBilly Ze Kick et Les Gamins en FolleBACEM✔️1994522 397 5
Birkin, Jane - Jane Birkin (DCC)Birkin, JaneJane BirkinPhilips✔️1993514 395-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBizetBizet: Carmen [Highlights]Warner✔️2292452095
Bizet - Bizet: L'Arlesienne & Carmen Suites (DCC)BizetBizet: L'Arlesienne & Carmen SuitesPhonogram✔️4178395
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBizetBizet: L'arlesienne & Carmen SuitesDECCA✔️1988417 839-5
Black Crowes - Shake Your Money Maker (DCC)Black CrowesShake Your Money MakerDef American Recordings✔️842 515-5
Black Crowes - Southern Harmony And Musical Companion (DCC)Black CrowesSouthern Harmony And Musical CompanionDef American Recordings✔️1992512 263-5
Black Sheep - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (DCC)Black SheepWolf In Sheep's ClothingMercury✔️422-848368-5
Black, Clint - Killin' Time (DCC)Black, ClintKillin' TimeRCA✔️199207863-59668-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBlack, ClintPut Yourself In My ShoesRCA
Black, Clint - The Hard Way (DCC)Black, ClintThe Hard WayBMG✔️0786366003-5
Blue System - Backstreet Dreams (DCC)Blue SystemBackstreet DreamsHansa, BMG Ariola Media GmbH✔️199374321 13473 5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBlues BrakersBackstreet Dreams800 065-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBlues TravelersBlues TravelerA&M Records75021-5308
Boa, Phillip - Boaphenia (DCC)Boa, PhillipBoapheniaPolydor✔️517 570 5
Bogguss, Suzy - Voices in the Wind (DCC)Bogguss, SuzyVoices in the WindLiberty✔️1992C50777-7-98585-52
Bolton, Michael - Time, Love & Tenderless (DCC)Bolton, MichaelTime, Love & TenderlessColumbia Sony Music✔️1991467812-5
Bon Jovi - Bed of Roses (Limited Edition DCC Single) (DCC)Bon JoviBed of Roses (Limited Edition DCC Single)Mercury✔️1993SACD 660
Bon Jovi - Cross Road (DCC)Bon JoviCross RoadMercury✔️1994522 936-5
Bon Jovi - Keep The Faith (DCC)Bon JoviKeep The FaithJambco Records, Mercury✔️1992514 197-5
Bon Jovi - New Jersey (DCC)Bon JoviNew JerseyJambco Records✔️1988836 345-5
Bon Jovi - These Days (DCC)Bon JoviThese DaysMercury✔️1995528 248-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBon Jovi, JonBlaze of Glory
Bony M - Gold: 20 Super Hits (DCC)Bony MGold: 20 Super HitsBMG Ariola Media GmbH, MCI✔️199374321 12605 5
Borodin - Borodin Symphonies 1 & 2 (DCC)BorodinBorodin Symphonies 1 & 2DECCA✔️1994436 651-5
Borsato, Marco - Als Geen Ander (DCC)Borsato, MarcoAls Geen AnderPolydor✔️1995529 119-5
Borsato, Marco - Marco (DCC)Borsato, MarcoMarcoPolydor✔️5236135
Bowie, David - Black Tie White Noise (DCC)Bowie, DavidBlack Tie White NoiseSavage Records, Arista✔️199374321 13697 2
Bowie, David - Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars (DCC)Bowie, DavidRise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From MarsEMI✔️1993CDP 79 4400 5
Boyz II Men - Cooleyhighharmony (DCC)Boyz II MenCooleyhighharmonyPolydor✔️19935300015
Boyz II Men - II (DCC)Boyz II MenIIMotown, DTS Entertainment✔️1994710215 1001 28
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBrahmsBrahms: Piano Concert 1Phonogram4200715
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBrahmsBrahms: Vioolconcert / DubbelconcertPolydor✔️19824390075
Brahms - Brahms: Deutsches Requiem (DCC)BrahmsBrahms: Deutsches RequiemPhonogram✔️4321405
Brahms - Piano Concerto Nr.2 (DCC)BrahmsPiano Concerto Nr.2Philips ✔️1993432 975-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBrahmsBrahms: Symphonische Variationen  Bohmische Suite / Dvorak: Ungarische TanzeDeutsche Grammophon✔️1993437 506-5
Brahms - Brahms: 21 Ungarische Tanze (DCC)BrahmsBrahms: 21 Ungarische TanzeDeutsche Grammophon✔️1982410 615-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableBrahmsBrahms: Ein Deutsches RequiemPolydor4375175
Brahms - Brahms: Hungarian Dances (DCC)BrahmsBrahms: Hungarian DancesPolydor✔️4106155
Brahms - Brahms: Sym No. 1 (DCC)BrahmsBrahms: Sym No. 1Polydor✔️19914317905
Brahms - Brahms: Sym. 4 (DCC)BrahmsBrahms: Sym. 4Philips✔️1994434 991-5
Brahms - Brahms: Symphony No. 4 / Schoenberg (DCC)BrahmsBrahms: Symphony No. 4 / SchoenbergPhonogram✔️19924331515
Brahms - Piano Concerto - Klavierkonzert 1 (DCC)BrahmsPiano Concerto - Klavierkonzert 1Philips✔️1992420 071-5
Brahms - Brahms Symphony No. 3 (DCC)BrahmsBrahms Symphony No. 3DECCA✔️1993436 466-5
Brahms - Brahms Symphonies No. 2&3 (DCC)BrahmsBrahms Symphonies No. 2&3Philips ✔️1993434 089-5
Brand New Heavies - Brother Sister (DCC)Brand New HeaviesBrother SisterAcid Jazz✔️828 557 5
Brel, Jaques - Quinze Ans D'Amour (DCC)Brel, JaquesQuinze Ans D'AmourBarclay✔️1988816833-5
Brooks, Garth - Beyond the Season (DCC)Brooks, GarthBeyond the SeasonLiberty✔️98742-53
Brooks, Garth - No Fences (DCC)Brooks, GarthNo FencesCapitol Records✔️93866 5
Brooks, Garth - Garth Brooks (DCC)Brooks, GarthGarth BrooksLiberty✔️1989C5-07707090897-5
Brooks, Garth - Ropin' The Wind (DCC)Brooks, GarthRopin' The WindCapitol Records✔️796330 5
Brooks, Garth - The Chase (DCC)Brooks, GarthThe ChaseLiberty✔️096 798743 5
Brown, Bobby - Don't Be Cruel (DCC)Brown, BobbyDon't Be CruelMCA Records✔️1988988067011831
Brown, Bobby - Bobby (DCC)Brown, BobbyBobbyMCA Records✔️1992MCAX-10417
Brown, James - 20 All-Time Greatest Hits! (DCC)Brown, James20 All-Time Greatest Hits!Polydor✔️511 326-5
Brown, Sam - April Moon (DCC)Brown, SamApril MoonA&M Records✔️1990397 036-5
Bruckner - Bruckner: Sym 4e (DCC)BrucknerBruckner: Sym 4ePhonogram✔️19924300995
Bruckner - Bruckner: Sym 5e (DCC)BrucknerBruckner: Sym 5ePhonogram✔️19924347245
Bruckner - Bruckner: Sym 7 (DCC)BrucknerBruckner: Sym 7EMI✔️199270777 544345
Bruckner - Bruckner: Sym 7 E-Dur (DCC)BrucknerBruckner: Sym 7 E-DurIntercord✔️1992560.901
Bruckner - Bruckner: Sym 7e (DCC)BrucknerBruckner: Sym 7ePhonogram✔️19934308415
Bruckner - Bruckner: Sym 8e (DCC)BrucknerBruckner: Sym 8ePhonogram✔️19924302285
Bruel, Patrick - Alors Regarde (DCC)Bruel, PatrickAlors RegardeBMG✔️199374321 100015
Brunner & Brunner - Eis Im Vulkan (DCC)Brunner & BrunnerEis Im VulkanKoch✔️522830
Bryars, Gavin - Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (DCC)Bryars, GavinJesus' Blood Never Failed Me YetPoint Music✔️1993438 823-5
Burton, Gary - Reunion (DCC)Burton, GaryReunionBMG✔️1993GRP 95985
Bush, Kate - Red Shoes (DCC)Bush, KateRed ShoesEMI✔️19927243 8 27277 5 0
BZN - Congratulations (DCC)BZNCongratulationsPhonogram✔️19935102005
BZN - Round The Fire (DCC)BZNRound The FireMercury✔️1995528 412-5
BZN - Serenade (DCC)BZNSerenadePhonogram✔️19945229005
BZN - Sweet Dreams (DCC)BZNSweet DreamsMercury✔️1993518 206-5
Cale, JJ - Special Edition (DCC)Cale, JJSpecial EditionCapitol✔️1984818 633-5
Camouflage - Bodega Bohemia (DCC)CamouflageBodega BohemiaMetronome✔️1993517 703-5
Canadian Brass - The Christmas Album (DCC)Canadian BrassThe Christmas AlbumPhilips ✔️1990426 835-5
Canadian Brass - The Dixieland Album (DCC)Canadian BrassThe Dixieland AlbumPhilips Digital Classics✔️1992432 999-5
Canadian Brass - Essential Canadian Brass (DCC)Canadian BrassEssential Canadian BrassPhonogram✔️19924325715
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableCanadian BrassRamirez: Misa Criolla...
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableCarboni, LouCarboni
Carlisle, Belinda - Best Of Belinda Volume 1 (DCC)Carlisle, BelindaBest Of Belinda Volume 1Virgin✔️1992463076
Carlton, Larry - Kid Gloves (DCC)Carlton, LarryKid GlovesGRP✔️1993GRP96835
Carpendale, Howard - Mit viel, viel Herz (DCC)Carpendale, HowardMit viel, viel HerzPolydor✔️1992513 224-5
Carpenters - Close To You (DCC)CarpentersClose To YouA&M Records✔️393 184 5
Carpenters - If I Were A Carpenter [Carpenters Tribute Album] (DCC)CarpentersIf I Were A Carpenter [Carpenters Tribute Album]A&M✔️1994540258-5
Carreras, Jose - Friends For Life (DCC)Carreras, JoseFriends For LifeWarner✔️19934509902565
Carreras, Jose - In Concert (DCC)Carreras, JoseIn ConcertDecca✔️1992430 433-5
Carreras, Jose - Ramirez: Misa Criolla (DCC)Carreras, JoseRamirez: Misa CriollaEMI✔️19884209555
Carreras, Jose - The Pleasure Of Love (DCC)Carreras, JoseThe Pleasure Of LovePhilips✔️1993434 926-5
Casiopea - Best of Best (DCC)CasiopeaBest of BestPolydor Japan✔️1992POHX1005
Carreras, Jose - Gala Lirica (DCC)Carreras, JoseGala LiricaBMG✔️199109026 611915
Carroll, Dina - So Close (DCC)Carroll, DinaSo CloseA&M✔️540 034 5
Casals - Sacred Choral Music (DCC)CasalsSacred Choral MusicKOCH✔️562375
Chan, Priscilla - I will alway be by your side (DCC)Chan, PriscillaI will alway be by your sidePolydor✔️1993521 195-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableChapman, TracyMatters Of The HeartWarner1993314 514 933-5
Chapman, Tracy - Tracy Chapman (DCC)Chapman, TracyTracy ChapmanElektra✔️19887559-60774-5
Chicago - Greatest Hits 1982-1989 (DCC)ChicagoGreatest Hits 1982-1989Reprise✔️19899 26080-5
Chieftains - An Irish Evening (DCC)ChieftainsAn Irish EveningRCA Victor✔️199209026 60916 5
Chieftains - Another Country (DCC)ChieftainsAnother CountryBMG✔️09026 609395
Chopin - Chopin : Ballades (DCC)ChopinChopin : BalladesPolydor4230905
Chopin - Chopin: Sonata No. 3 Preludes Op. 28 (DCC)ChopinChopin: Sonata No. 3 Preludes Op. 28DECCA✔️1993436 821-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableChopinChopin: Favourite Piano Works
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableChopinChopin: FavouritesPhonogram4177985
Chorzempa, Daniel - Bach: Toccata Orgelwerken (DCC)Chorzempa, DanielBach: Toccata OrgelwerkenPhilips✔️19824100385
Chow, Vivian - Best Love (DCC)Chow, VivianBest LovePolydor✔️1993519 961-5
Christians - Best of the Christians (DCC)ChristiansBest of the ChristiansIsland Records✔️518 649-5
Christians - Christians (DCC)ChristiansChristiansBMG✔️1993842 451-5
Christians - Colour (DCC)ChristiansColourBMG✔️199374321 127895
Christians - Happy In Hell (DCC)ChristiansHappy In HellBMG✔️199374321 107165
Chung, Jacky - Kiss Goodbye (DCC)Chung, JackyKiss GoodbyePolydor✔️1993519 208-5
Chung, Jacky - Me and You (DCC)Chung, JackyMe and YouPolydor✔️1993519 704-5
Ciccone, Don - Lovers Prayer (DCC)Ciccone, DonLovers PrayerPolydor✔️1992POXP-1013
Cinema Sound Orchestra - Screen Music Vol 3. (DCC)Cinema Sound OrchestraScreen Music Vol 3.Polydor✔️POXH-1008
Clannad - Pastpresent (DCC)ClannadPastpresentBMG✔️19899912-5-R
Clapton, Eric - 461 Ocean Boulevard (DCC)Clapton, Eric461 Ocean BoulevardPolydor✔️811 697 5
Clapton, Eric - Cream of Eric Clapton (DCC)Clapton, EricCream of Eric ClaptonPolydor✔️1994521 881-5
Clapton, Eric - Journeyman (DCC)Clapton, EricJourneymanReprise Records, Duck Records (2)✔️1989926 074-5
Clapton, Eric - Journeyman (DCC)Clapton, EricJourneymanWarner✔️19937599260745
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableClapton, EricUnpluggedWarner19939362450245
Classical Collection - An Evening Of Musicals (DCC)Classical CollectionAn Evening Of MusicalsKoch✔️522630
Classical Collection - Bells Of St. Genevieve And Other Baroque Delights (DCC)Classical CollectionBells Of St. Genevieve And Other Baroque DelightsRCA Victor, BMG Classics✔️199209026 61002 5
Classical Collection - Best Of Baroque (DCC)Classical CollectionBest Of BaroqueArchiv439248-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableClassical CollectionHungarian Connection
Classical Collection - Internezzo (DCC)Classical CollectionInternezzoDeutsche Grammophon✔️1990439 249-5
Cochrane, TOm - Mad Mad World (DCC)Cochrane, TOmMad Mad WorldCapitol✔️9722305
Cocker, Joe - One Night of Sin (DCC)Cocker, JoeOne Night of SinCapitol✔️9286157
Cocteau Twins - Four-Calendar Café (DCC)Cocteau TwinsFour-Calendar CaféFontana✔️1993518 259-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableCole, LloydCache DerrierBMG199374321 100225
Cole, Lloyd - Bad Vibes (DCC)Cole, LloydBad VibesFontana✔️1993518 318-5
Cole, Nat King - The Capitor Collectors Series (DCC)Cole, Nat KingThe Capitor Collectors SeriesCapitol Records✔️198993590-5
Cole, Nat King - The Unforgettable Nat King Cole (DCC)Cole, Nat KingThe Unforgettable Nat King ColeCapitol Records✔️199299230-5
Cole, Nat King - Unforgettable (DCC)Cole, Nat KingUnforgettableEMI✔️19937977785
Cole, Natalie - Unforgettable With Love (DCC)Cole, NatalieUnforgettable With LoveElektra✔️19917559-61049-5
Collins, Phil - ...But Seriously (DCC)Collins, Phil...But SeriouslyWarner✔️19932292569845
Collins, Phil - Both Sides (DCC)Collins, PhilBoth SidesWarner Bros. Records✔️19934509 93757-5
Collins, Phil - Face Value (DCC)Collins, PhilFace ValueWarner✔️19932292549395
Coltrane, John - Blue Train (DCC)Coltrane, JohnBlue TrainBlue Note✔️46095
Commitments - Commitments (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (DCC)CommitmentsCommitments (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)MCA Records✔️1992MCAX-10286
Commitments - Commitments Vol. 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (DCC)CommitmentsCommitments Vol. 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)MCA Records✔️1992MCAX-10506
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableCooder, RyBop Till You DropWarner19937599273985
Corea, Chick - Akoustic Band Alive (DCC)Corea, ChickAkoustic Band AliveGRP✔️1993GRP-96275
Corea, Chick - Beneath The Mask (DCC)Corea, ChickBeneath The MaskGRP✔️GRP 96495
Cowboy Junkies - Black Eyed Man (DCC)Cowboy JunkiesBlack Eyed ManBMG✔️199374321 100065
Cowboy Junkies - Trinity Session (DCC)Cowboy JunkiesTrinity SessionBMG✔️199307863 585685
Cranberries - No Need To Argue (DCC)CranberriesNo Need To ArgueIsland Records✔️199474321 23344 2
Cray, Robert - I Was Warned (DCC)Cray, RobertI Was WarnedMercury✔️1992314 512 721-5
Cray, Robert - Shame + A Sin (DCC)Cray, RobertShame + A SinMercury✔️1993314 518 237-5
Cray, Robert - Midnight Stroll (DCC)Cray, RobertMidnight StrollMercury✔️846 652-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableCreedence Clearwater RevivalChronicle1993VIXP5001
Cross, Christopher - Rendezvous (DCC)Cross, ChristopherRendezvousBMG✔️199374321 102915
Crow, Sheryl - Tuesday Night Music Club (DCC)Crow, SherylTuesday Night Music ClubA&M Records✔️1993540 126-5
Cure - Wish (DCC)CureWishFiction Records✔️1992513 261-5
Cyrus, Billy Ray - It Won't Be The Last (DCC)Cyrus, Billy RayIt Won't Be The LastMercury✔️1993314-514 758-5
Cyrus, Billy Ray - Some Gave All (DCC)Cyrus, Billy RaySome Gave AllPhonogram✔️19935106335
Dalla, Lucio - Amen (DCC)Dalla, LucioAmenPressing✔️199274321-10942-5
Dalla, Lucio - Cambio (DCC)Dalla, LucioCambioBMG Ariola✔️199074321 10014 5
Damn Yankees - Damn Yankees (DCC)Damn YankeesDamn YankeesWarner✔️1990W5 26159
Dawn Upshaw - Girl With Orange Lips (DCC)Dawn UpshawGirl With Orange LipsWarner✔️19917559792625
DCC Sampler - New York Sampler (DCC)DCC SamplerNew York SamplerPhilips ✔️19922884A
DCC Sampler - Various Narm (DCC)DCC SamplerVarious NarmPhilips ✔️19922051
DCC Sampler - DCC Sampler (DCC)DCC SamplerDCC SamplerPhilips✔️1990527491
DCC Sampler - High Resolution 20 bit (DCC)DCC SamplerHigh Resolution 20 bitPhilips ✔️199010268
DCC Sampler - DCC Sampler (DCC)DCC SamplerDCC SamplerPhilips✔️199027152
DCC Sampler - DCC Sampler (DCC)DCC SamplerDCC SamplerPhilips✔️199012019
DCC Sampler - DCC Sampler (DCC)DCC SamplerDCC SamplerPhilips✔️199029805
DCC Sampler - DCC Sampler (DCC)DCC SamplerDCC SamplerPhilips✔️199029205
DCC Sampler - DCC Sampler (DCC)DCC SamplerDCC SamplerPhilips✔️19908036
DCC Sampler - DCC Sampler (DCC)DCC SamplerDCC SamplerPhilips✔️199021069
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableDCC SamplerDCC SamplerPhilips✔️1990522431
DCC Sampler - DCC Sampler (DCC)DCC SamplerDCC SamplerPhilips✔️19908073
DCC Sampler - DCC Sampler (DCC)DCC SamplerDCC SamplerPhilips✔️19901492
DCC Sampler - DCC Sampler (DCC)DCC SamplerDCC SamplerPhilips✔️1990ZL15B
DCC Sampler - DCC Sampler (DCC)DCC SamplerDCC SamplerMCA✔️1992MCAOP-2455
DCC Museum - No Cover Availablede Burgh, ChrisBeatiful DreamsAM✔️540432-5
de Burgh, Chris - Man On The Line (DCC)de Burgh, ChrisMan On The LineA&M Records✔️395 002 5
de Burgh, Chris - Power Of Ten (DCC)de Burgh, ChrisPower Of TenA&M Records✔️1992397 188-5
de Burgh, Chris - Spark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh (DCC)de Burgh, ChrisSpark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de BurghA&M Records✔️397 034-5
de Burgh, Chris - This Way Up (DCC)de Burgh, ChrisThis Way UpA&M Records✔️19945402335
Dean, Billy - Fire In the Dark (DCC)Dean, BillyFire In the DarkLiberty✔️98947-5
Debussy - Debussy: 12 Etudes (DCC)DebussyDebussy: 12 EtudesPhonogram✔️19924224125
Debussy - Debussy: Strijkkwartet G Minor (DCC)DebussyDebussy: Strijkkwartet G MinorPhonogram✔️19934304345
Debussy - Debussy / Ravel: La Mer/Pavane etc. (DCC)DebussyDebussy / Ravel: La Mer/Pavane etc.Polydor✔️1986439 008-5
Debussy - Debussy: La Mer, Images, Nocturnes, Jeux, Printemps, Prélude À L'Après-Midi D'Un Faune (DCC)DebussyDebussy: La Mer, Images, Nocturnes, Jeux, Printemps, Prélude À L'Après-Midi D'Un FaunePhonogram✔️1990430 240-5
Debussy - Debussy: Nocturnes; La Mer; Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune (DCC)DebussyDebussy: Nocturnes; La Mer; Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faunePhonogram✔️19924364685
Debussy - Debussy: 12 Etudes (DCC)DebussyDebussy: 12 EtudesDeutsche Grammophon✔️1993423 678-5
Debussy   - Debussy: La Mer, Jeux etc. (DCC)Debussy Debussy: La Mer, Jeux etc.Decca✔️1992430 240-5
Debussy Ravel - Preludea l'apres midi d'un faune Ravel Pavane (DCC)Debussy RavelPreludea l'apres midi d'un faune Ravel PavaneDeutsche Grammophon✔️1986439 008-5
Deep Purple - Battle Rages On... (DCC)Deep PurpleBattle Rages On...RCA✔️199374321 15420 5
Deep Purple - Slaves And Masters (DCC)Deep PurpleSlaves And MastersRCA✔️7863524215
Def Leppard - Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits 1980 - 1995 (DCC)Def LeppardVault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits 1980 - 1995Mercury✔️1995528 656-5
Del Amitri - Change Everything (DCC)Del AmitriChange EverythingPolydor✔️19933953855
Del Amitri - Twisted (DCC)Del AmitriTwistedA&M✔️1995540 311-5
Del Amitri - Waking Hours (DCC)Del AmitriWaking HoursA&M✔️198927 554
Dennis, Cathy - Into The Skyline (DCC)Dennis, CathyInto The SkylinePolydor✔️1992314 513 935-5
Dennis, Cathy - Move To This (DCC)Dennis, CathyMove To ThisPolydor✔️19938495035
Depeche Mode - Songs Of Faith And Devotion (DCC)Depeche ModeSongs Of Faith And DevotionMute✔️1993DCC STUMM 106
Depeche Mode - Violator (DCC)Depeche ModeViolatorMute✔️1992DCC Stumm 64
Diamond, Neil - Jazz Singer (DCC)Diamond, NeilJazz SingerCapitol Records✔️7460265
Dijk - De Blauwe Schuit (DCC)DijkDe Blauwe SchuitMercury✔️1994522 909-5
Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms (DCC)Dire StraitsBrothers In ArmsVertigo✔️824 499-5
Dire Straits - Calling Elvis (DCC)Dire StraitsCalling ElvisVertigo✔️1444
Dire Straits - Communiqué  (DCC)Dire StraitsCommuniqué Vertigo ✔️1991800 052-5
Dire Straits - Dire Straits (DCC)Dire StraitsDire StraitsVertigo✔️800 051-5
Dire Straits - Love Over Gold (DCC)Dire StraitsLove Over GoldVertigo✔️800 088-5
Dire Straits - Making Movies (DCC)Dire StraitsMaking MoviesVertigo ✔️1991800 050-5
Dire Straits - Money For Nothing (DCC)Dire StraitsMoney For NothingVertigo, Phonogram✔️836 419-5
Dire Straits - On Every Street (DCC)Dire StraitsOn Every StreetVertigo✔️510160-5
Dire Straits - On The Night (DCC)Dire StraitsOn The Night✔️514 766 5
Divine - Extended (DCC)DivineExtendedDCC Museum✔️202344.258
Domingo, Placido - Bizet: Carmen (DCC)Domingo, PlacidoBizet: CarmenErato✔️19922292-45209-5
Domingo, Placido - From The Official Barcelona Games Ceremony (DCC)Domingo, PlacidoFrom The Official Barcelona Games CeremonyRCA Victor Red Seal✔️199209026 61204 5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableDoorsBest Of The DoorsWarner19937559603455
Duffer, Candy - Saxuality (DCC)Duffer, CandySaxualityBMG✔️199307822 186745
Dulfer, Candy - Sax A Go Go (DCC)Dulfer, CandySax A Go GoBMG✔️199374321 111815
The Dutch Swing College Band - 75 (DCC)The Dutch Swing College Band75DCC Museum✔️2022DCC86753
Duran, Duran - Liberty (DCC)Duran, DuranLibertyParlophone, Parlophone✔️19907942925
Duran, Duran - Decade (DCC)Duran, DuranDecadeParlophone, Parlophone✔️7931785, 793 178-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableDutilleuxSymphony No.2Philips✔️1994438 008 5
Dvorak - Dvorak: Concerto Pour Violoncelle / Tchaikovsky : Variations Rococco (DCC)DvorakDvorak: Concerto Pour Violoncelle / Tchaikovsky : Variations RococcoErato✔️19922292-45252-5
Dvorak - Dvorak: Symphony No. 9 / Smetana: Die Moldau (DCC)DvorakDvorak: Symphony No. 9 / Smetana: Die MoldauPolydor✔️4390095
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableDvorakDvorak: 16 Slavische Dansen Op. 46 & 72Phonogram✔️4301715
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableDvorakDvorak: Sym. 9/Slavonic DWarner9031732445
Dvorak - Dvorak Symphony No. 9 (DCC)DvorakDvorak Symphony No. 9London✔️1992421 016-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableEaglesBest Of EaglesWarner19937559603425
East 17 - Steam (DCC)East 17SteamLondon Records✔️828 542-5
East 17 - Up All Night (DCC)East 17Up All NightLondon Records✔️828 699-5
Yohsuke Eguchi - Love Songs (DCC)Yohsuke EguchiLove SongsPolydor✔️1993POXH-1014
EAV - Watumba (DCC)EAVWatumbaEMI✔️19910777 7 98099 5 0
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableElgarElgar : Introduction/Ser. no. 20Warner9031732795
Elgar - Elgar: Enigma Variations, Serenade For Strings, In The South (DCC)ElgarElgar: Enigma Variations, Serenade For Strings, In The SouthDeutsche Grammophon✔️Polydor4236795
Ellington, Duke - And His Mother Called (DCC)Ellington, DukeAnd His Mother CalledBMG✔️199307863 562875
Ellington, Duke - Digital Duke (DCC)Ellington, DukeDigital DukeBMG✔️1993GRP 95485
Elvis - Complete Sun Sessions (DCC)ElvisComplete Sun SessionsBMG✔️199307863 564145
Elvis - Number One Hits (DCC)ElvisNumber One HitsRCA Victor✔️7863563825
Enigma - MCMXC a.D. (DCC)EnigmaMCMXC a.D.Virgin✔️1992452 029
Enya - Shepherd Moons (DCC)EnyaShepherd MoonsWEA, WEA✔️19929031-75572-5, WE 095
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableEnyaThe CeltsWarner19934509911675
Enya - Watermark (DCC)EnyaWatermarkWarner Music UK Ltd.✔️2292-43875-5
Erasure - Chorus (DCC)ErasureChorusMute✔️DCC Stumm 95
Erasure - Pop!: The First 20 Hits (DCC)ErasurePop!: The First 20 HitsMute✔️1992DCC Mute L 2
Dutoit - Ibert Escales (DCC)DutoitIbert EscalesDecca✔️1994440 332-5
Ester, Pauline - De L'auter Cote (DCC)Ester, PaulineDe L'auter CotePolydor✔️317 327-5
Etheridge, Melissa - Never Enough (DCC)Etheridge, MelissaNever EnoughBMG✔️199374321 110015
Etheridge, Melissa - Never Enough (DCC)Etheridge, MelissaNever EnoughIsland Records✔️1992512 120-5
Etheridge, Melissa - Yes I Am (DCC)Etheridge, MelissaYes I AmIsland Records✔️422 848 660 5
Eurocharts - Braun MTV Eurocharts December 1994 (DCC)EurochartsBraun MTV Eurocharts December 1994Braun MTV✔️1994BraunMTV
Eurythmics - We Too Are One (DCC)EurythmicsWe Too Are OneRCA ✔️1989PK 74251-5
Eurythmics - Eurythmics Greatest Hits (DCC)EurythmicsEurythmics Greatest HitsRCA✔️7822186805
Eurythmics - Revenge (DCC)EurythmicsRevengeRCA✔️7863558475
Bill Evans Trio - Waltz For Debby (DCC)Bill Evans TrioWaltz For DebbyRiverside✔️1992VIXJ-5001
Everly Brothers - Everly Brothers Greatest Hits (DCC)Everly BrothersEverly Brothers Greatest HitsBarnaby Records✔️dcc 801 5
Extreme II - Extreme II : Pornograffitti (A Funked Up Fairytale) (DCC)Extreme IIExtreme II : Pornograffitti (A Funked Up Fairytale)A&M Records✔️1990395 313-5
Extreme II - Extreme II: Pornograffitti (DCC)Extreme IIExtreme II: PornograffittiA&M Records✔️199075021 5313-5
Extreme II - III Sides To Every Story (DCC)Extreme IIIII Sides To Every StoryA&M Records✔️199231454 0006 5
Fagen, Donald - The Nightfly (DCC)Fagen, DonaldThe NightflyWarner✔️19937599236965
Falco - Nachtflug (DCC)FalcoNachtflugElectrola✔️19930777 7 80322 5 0
Faure - Faure Requiem (DCC)FaureFaure RequiemPhilips✔️1994438 149-5
Faure - Faure: Requiem (DCC)FaureFaure: RequiemLondon✔️1988421 440-5
Feldman, Francois - Magic Boulevard (DCC)Feldman, FrancoisMagic BoulevardPhonogram✔️19938488405
Feldman, Francois - Indigo (DCC)Feldman, FrancoisIndigoSagem✔️1993514 932-5
Fernandez, Nilda - Nilda Fernandez (DCC)Fernandez, NildaNilda FernandezPolydor✔️1993519747 5
Ferry, Bryan - Bryan Ferry: The Ultimate Collection With Roxy Music (DCC)Ferry, BryanBryan Ferry: The Ultimate Collection With Roxy MusicEG✔️1992459 392
Ferry, Bryan - Taxi (DCC)Ferry, BryanTaxiVirgin✔️19930777 7 86998 5 9
Fine Young Cannibals - Raw And The Cooked (DCC)Fine Young CannibalsRaw And The CookedPhonogram✔️19938280695
Fitzgerald, Ella - Ella Returns To Berlin (DCC)Fitzgerald, EllaElla Returns To BerlinVerve Records✔️837 758-5
Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits (DCC)Fleetwood MacFleetwood Mac Greatest HitsWarner Bros. Records✔️1988925 838-5
Ford, Robben - The Blue Line (DCC)Ford, RobbenThe Blue LineStretch Records✔️1992STX-1102
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableForeignerBest Of ForeignerWarner19937567805055
Franck - Franck Symphonie / D'Indy: Symphonie Sur un Chant Montagnard Francais, Op.25 (DCC)FranckFranck Symphonie / D'Indy: Symphonie Sur un Chant Montagnard Francais, Op.25Phonogram✔️Decca4302785
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableFranckFranck: Sym. In D Minor / Bizet: Sym. In CPhonogram4320965
Franklin, Aretha - Who's Zooming Who? (DCC)Franklin, ArethaWho's Zooming Who?Arista✔️19957822123155
Frey, Glenn - Strange Weather (DCC)Frey, GlennStrange WeatherBMG✔️1993MCX 10599
Fygi, Laura - Bewitched (DCC)Fygi, LauraBewitchedMercury✔️1991848322-5
Fygi, Laura - Lady Wants to Know (DCC)Fygi, LauraLady Wants to KnowMercury✔️1994518 924-5
Fygi, Laura - Turn Out the Lamplight (DCC)Fygi, LauraTurn Out the LamplightMercury✔️5287875
Gabriel, Peter - Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats (DCC)Gabriel, PeterShaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden GreatsVirgin✔️461 178
Gabriel, Peter - Us (DCC)Gabriel, PeterUsVirgin✔️19920777 7 86455 2 8
Gabrieli - Candian Brass Gabrieli For Brass (DCC)GabrieliCandian Brass Gabrieli For BrassPhilips✔️1994438 392-5
Gainsbourg, Serge - De Gainsbourg a Gainsbarre (DCC)Gainsbourg, SergeDe Gainsbourg a GainsbarrePhilips✔️1994522 242-5
Gall, France - Babacar (DCC)Gall, FranceBabacarApache✔️2292-42096-5
Galliano, Richard - Coloriage (DCC)Galliano, RichardColoriageSCA✔️1992SCA 031.5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableGalway, JamesBach Suite 2BMG09026 609005
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableGalway, JamesBach: Sonatas for Flute & Harpsichord. Michala Petri, Recorders. Keith Jarrett, HarpsichordBMG 09026 612745
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableGalway, JamesJames Galway Greatest Hits, Vol. 2BMG / RCA Victor✔️199209026 61178 5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableGalway, JamesMozart: FluitkwartettenBMG09026 604422
Galway, James - Wind Beneath My Wings (DCC)Galway, JamesWind Beneath My WingsBMG✔️09026 608625
Garland, Jeffreys - Don't Call Me Buckwheat (DCC)Garland, JeffreysDon't Call Me BuckwheatRCA✔️7863611125
Gaye, Marvin - Motown's Greatest Hits (DCC)Gaye, MarvinMotown's Greatest HitsMotown✔️1992530 012-5
Gaye, Marvin - The Very Best Of (DCC)Gaye, MarvinThe Very Best OfMotown✔️1994530 292-5
Gaye, Marvin - What's Going On (DCC)Gaye, MarvinWhat's Going OnTamla Motown✔️1993530 022-5
Genesis - We Can't Dance (DCC)GenesisWe Can't DanceVirgin✔️462082
Gershwin - Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue Piano Concerto in F An American in Paris (DCC)GershwinGershwin: Rhapsody in Blue Piano Concerto in F An American in ParisPhilips✔️1985412 611-5
Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue An American in Paris (DCC)GershwinRhapsody in Blue An American in ParisDeutsche Grammophon✔️1993431 625-5
Gershwin - Gershwin: Rhapsodie in Blue ea (DCC)GershwinGershwin: Rhapsodie in Blue eaPhonogram4126115
Getz, Stan - Stan Getz / João Gilberto Featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim (DCC)Getz, StanStan Getz / João Gilberto Featuring Antonio Carlos JobimVerve Records✔️1992810 048-5
Getz, Stan - Anniversary (DCC)Getz, StanAnniversaryPolydor✔️19938387695
Gibson, Debbie - Anything is possible (DCC)Gibson, DebbieAnything is possibleAtlantic✔️19907 82167-5
Gilbert & Sullivan - Gilbert & Sullivan Overtures (DCC)Gilbert & SullivanGilbert & Sullivan OverturesPhilips ✔️1993434 916-5
Gill, Vince - I Still Believe In You (DCC)Gill, VinceI Still Believe In YouMCA Records✔️1992MCAX-10630
Gill, Vince - Pocket Full Of Gold (DCC)Gill, VincePocket Full Of GoldBMG✔️1993MCX 10140
Glass, Phillip - Philips Glass Violin Concerto  Alfred Schnittke Concerto Grosso No.5 (DCC)Glass, PhillipPhilips Glass Violin Concerto Alfred Schnittke Concerto Grosso No.5Deutsche Grammophon✔️1993437 091-5
Glass, Phillip - Music From the Screens (DCC)Glass, PhillipMusic From the ScreensPoint✔️432-966-5
Glass, Phillip - Glass, Phillip"Low" SymphonyPoint✔️438 150-5
Goldstar - DCC Demo Tape (DCC)GoldstarDCC Demo TapeGoldstar✔️199393-569
Goodman, Benny - Sing, Sing, Sing (DCC)Goodman, BennySing, Sing, SingBMG✔️199307863 556305
Gorecki - Sinfonie Nr. 3/3 Stucke im alten Stil (DCC)GoreckiSinfonie Nr. 3/3 Stucke im alten StilKoch✔️561305
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableGPRLive In SessionGRP✔️1985GRX-9532
Grafenauer, Irena - Bach: Complete Works for Flute and Harpsichord (DCC)Grafenauer, IrenaBach: Complete Works for Flute and HarpsichordPhilips ✔️1993434996-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableGrafenauer, IrenaBach: Fluit & Klavecimbel
Grant, Amy - Heart In Motion (DCC)Grant, AmyHeart In MotionA&M Records✔️750215321-5
Grant, Amy - House Of Love (DCC)Grant, AmyHouse Of LoveA&M Records✔️1994540 256-5
Grant, Amy - Lead Me On (DCC)Grant, AmyLead Me OnA&M Records✔️75021 5199 5
Gregorian Chants - Gregorian Chant and Gregorianischer Choral (DCC)Gregorian ChantsGregorian Chant and Gregorianischer ChoralPhilips Digital Classics1993416 808-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableGregorian ChantsGregorian ChantPhonogram✔️1991432 089-5
Greig - Grieg / Sibelius: Peer Gynt Suites 1 & 2 “Finlandia” (DCC)GreigGrieg / Sibelius: Peer Gynt Suites 1 & 2 “Finlandia”Deutsche Grammophon✔️1983410 026-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableGriegGrieg / Sibelius: Peer Gynt Suites 1 & 2 “Finlandia”Polydor✔️19824390105
Grönemeyer, Herbert - Luxus (DCC)Grönemeyer, HerbertLuxusElectrola✔️1990077 7 95068 5
Grönemeyer, Herbert - So Gut (DCC)Grönemeyer, HerbertSo GutIntercord✔️1992560.251
Grusin, Dave - Gershwin Connection (DCC)Grusin, DaveGershwin ConnectionGRP✔️1993GRP 20055
Grusin, Dave - Harlequin (DCC)Grusin, DaveHarlequinBMG✔️1993GRX-9522
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableHaden, CharlieSilenceSoul Note121172-5
Haden, Charlie - Haunted Heart (DCC)Haden, CharlieHaunted HeartPolydor✔️19935130785
Hadley, Jerry - Standing Room Alone (DCC)Hadley, JerryStanding Room AloneBMG✔️09026 613705
Hair - Hair (DCC)HairHairPolydor✔️1993521 322-5
Hall & Oates - Daryl Hall & John Oates Greatest Hits: Rock 'N Soul Part 1 (DCC)Hall & OatesDaryl Hall & John Oates Greatest Hits: Rock 'N Soul Part 1RCA✔️7863548585
Hallyday, Johnny - Ne Change Pas Un Homme (DCC)Hallyday, JohnnyNe Change Pas Un HommePhilips✔️1992510 850-5
Hallyday, Johnny - Parc Des Princes 1993 (DCC)Hallyday, JohnnyParc Des Princes 1993Philips✔️1993518108-5
Hallyday, Johnny - Rough Town (DCC)Hallyday, JohnnyRough TownPhilips✔️1994522 839-5
Handel - 6 Sonatas (DCC)Handel6 SonatasRCA✔️1992BVXF2503
Handel - Messiah (DCC)HandelMessiahPhilips✔️1993412 267-5
Handel - Handel Sonatas (DCC)HandelHandel SonatasRCA Victor Red Seal✔️199109026 60441 5
Handel - Handel: Messiah Arias And Choruses (DCC)HandelHandel: Messiah Arias And ChorusesArchiv Produktion✔️423 630-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableHandelHandel: Messiah HighlightsPolydor✔️19884276645
Handel - Handel: Water Music (DCC)HandelHandel: Water MusicArchiv Produktion✔️1993410 525-5
Handel - Handel: Water Music (DCC)HandelHandel: Water MusicPhilips✔️1993434 122-5
Hardenberger - Hakan Hardenberger: Trompet Concertos (DCC)HardenbergerHakan Hardenberger: Trompet ConcertosPhonogram✔️19924202035
Hargrove, Roy - Public Eye (DCC)Hargrove, RoyPublic EyeBMG✔️199307863 531135
Harnoy, Ofra - Vivaldi Cello Concertos Vol. 2 (DCC)Harnoy, OfraVivaldi Cello Concertos Vol. 2BMG✔️198909026 601555
Harp, Everette  - Everette Harp (DCC)Harp, Everette Everette HarpBlue Note✔️19920777 7 96242 5 6
Harper Brothers - Hide Inside The Music (DCC)Harper BrothersHide Inside The MusicPolydor✔️19935118205
Harvest, Barclay James - Best Of Barclay James Harvest (DCC)Harvest, Barclay JamesBest Of Barclay James HarvestPolydor✔️19935135875
Haydn - Haydn: London Symphonies Nos. 101 & 103 (DCC)HaydnHaydn: London Symphonies Nos. 101 & 103Phonogram✔️4222405
Haydn - Haydn: Sym. 60, 70 & 90 (DCC)HaydnHaydn: Sym. 60, 70 & 90EMI✔️19910777 7542975
Healey, Jeff - Hell To Pay (DCC)Healey, JeffHell To PayArista✔️7822186325
Healey, Jeff - See The Light (DCC)Healey, JeffSee The LightArista✔️7822185535
Heart - Brigade (DCC)HeartBrigadeCapitol✔️791820-5
Heavy D - Peaceful Journey (DCC)Heavy DPeaceful JourneyBMG✔️1991MCAX 10289
Heiden, Jeremy - Blue Wicked (DCC)Heiden, JeremyBlue WickedCausing Change✔️2017976175912
Henderson, Joe - Lush Life (DCC)Henderson, JoeLush LifePolydor✔️19935117795
Henderson, Joe - So Near, So Far (DCC)Henderson, JoeSo Near, So FarPolydor✔️19935176745
Henderson, Joe - Double Rainbow (DCC)Henderson, JoeDouble RainbowVirgin✔️1995527 222-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableHendrix, JimiCornerstones 1967 - 1970✔️
Hendrix, Jimi - Ultimate Experience (DCC)Hendrix, JimiUltimate ExperiencePolydor✔️1992517 235-5
Hiatt, John - Perfectly Good Guitar (DCC)Hiatt, JohnPerfectly Good GuitarA&M Records✔️199331454 0135 5
Hiatt, John - Stolen Moments (DCC)Hiatt, JohnStolen MomentsA&M✔️199075021 5310 5
Eric Heidsieck - Mozart,  Faure, Debussy (DCC)Eric HeidsieckMozart, Faure, DebussyTeichiku Records✔️1992TEXC-30006
Eric  Heidsieck - Mozart, the complete piono sonatas (DCC)Eric HeidsieckMozart, the complete piono sonatasVictor✔️1993VIXC-11
Eric Heidsieck - Hommage A Rouget-De-Lisle (DCC)Eric HeidsieckHommage A Rouget-De-LisleTeichiku Records✔️1992TEXC3005
High Fashion Dance Music - Volume 5 (DCC)High Fashion Dance MusicVolume 5High Fashion✔️2021DCC44.250
Holiday, Billie - Stay With Me (DCC)Holiday, BillieStay With MeVerve✔️1991511 523 5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableHollywood Bowl OrchestraAmerican ClassicsPhilips✔️1993438 663-5
Hollywood Bowl Orchestra - Great Waltz (DCC)Hollywood Bowl OrchestraGreat WaltzPhilips✔️1994438 685-5
Hollywood Bowl Orchestra - Hollywood Dreams (DCC)Hollywood Bowl OrchestraHollywood DreamsPhonogram✔️19914321095
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableHollywood Bowl OrchestraKing and IPhilips438007-5
Hollywood Bowl Orchestra - Rodgers and Hammerstein: Complete Overtures (DCC)Hollywood Bowl OrchestraRodgers and Hammerstein: Complete OverturesPhilips Classics Productions✔️4341275
Holst - Holst: Planets (DCC)HolstHolst: PlanetsPolydor✔️19814390115
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableHolstHolst: PlanetsPolydor✔️4297305
Hommage A Benny Goodman - Klarinettekonzerte (DCC)Hommage A Benny GoodmanKlarinettekonzerteKOCH Schwann✔️510355
Horn, Shirley - I love you, Paris (DCC)Horn, ShirleyI love you, ParisVerve Records✔️1994523 486-6
Horn, Shirley - Here's To Life (DCC)Horn, ShirleyHere's To LifePolydor✔️19935118795
Horn, Shirley - Light Out of Darkness (DCC)Horn, ShirleyLight Out of DarknessVerve Records✔️1993519 730-5
Horne, Marilyn - All Through The Night (DCC)Horne, MarilynAll Through The NightBMG✔️09026 612785
Hornsby, Bruce - Harbor Lights (DCC)Hornsby, BruceHarbor LightsRCA✔️199366114 5
Hornsby, Bruce - The Way It Is (DCC)Hornsby, BruceThe Way It IsBMG✔️199307863 559045
Houston, Whitney - Whitney Houston (DCC)Houston, WhitneyWhitney HoustonArista✔️198518212-5
Houston, Whitney - I'm Your Baby Tonight (DCC)Houston, WhitneyI'm Your Baby TonightArista✔️07622186165
Houston, Whitney - Whitney (DCC)Houston, WhitneyWhitneyArista✔️19927822184055
Howard, George - Do I Ever Cross Your Mind (DCC)Howard, GeorgeDo I Ever Cross Your MindGRP✔️1992GRX-9669
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableHui, ChenChen HuiPolygram19935211955
Human League - Human League Greatest Hits (DCC)Human LeagueHuman League Greatest HitsVirgin✔️1988459 375
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableHummelHummel: Werke fur Klavier zu vier Handen - Pieces For Piano DuetKoch Schwann✔️5-6022-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableI MusiciChristmas Concertos
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableI MusiciAdagio e.v.a.Phonogram✔️19834106065
I Musici - Bach: Brandenburg Concertos 3,4 & 5 (DCC)I MusiciBach: Brandenburg Concertos 3,4 & 5Philips✔️1985426742-5
I Musici - Pachelbel Canon / Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik / Albinoni Adagio (DCC)I MusiciPachelbel Canon / Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik / Albinoni AdagioPhilips✔️1992410 606-5
I Musici - Vivaldi: Four Seasons (DCC)I MusiciVivaldi: Four SeasonsPhonogram✔️19904224025
Ice MC - Ice' N' Green (DCC)Ice MCIce' N' GreenPolydor✔️1994523 672-5
INXS - INXS: The Greatest Hits (DCC)INXSINXS: The Greatest HitsMercury✔️1994526 230-5
INXS - Welcome To Wherever You Are (DCC)INXSWelcome To Wherever You ArePhonogram✔️1993512 507-5
Isaak, Chris - Wicked Game (DCC)Isaak, ChrisWicked GameWarner✔️19937599265135
Isabelle A - Zerentien (DCC)Isabelle AZerentienCNR Records✔️1992656-802-9
Ishihara, Yujiro - Complete Songs (DCC)Ishihara, YujiroComplete SongsTeichiku✔️1991TEXA30001
Iwasaki, Hiromi - My Favorite Song (DCC)Iwasaki, HiromiMy Favorite SongVictor✔️1992VIXL-15
Jablonski, Peter - Rachmaninov Piano Sonatas (DCC)Jablonski, PeterRachmaninov Piano SonatasDECCA✔️1993440 281-5
Jackson, Alan - A Lot about Livin' (DCC)Jackson, AlanA Lot about Livin'Arista✔️7822-18711-5
Jackson, Janet - Design Of A Decade 1986 - 1996 (DCC)Jackson, JanetDesign Of A Decade 1986 - 1996A&M Records✔️1995540 400 5
Jam - The Jam Greatest Hits (DCC)JamThe Jam Greatest HitsPolydor✔️849 554-5
James - Seven (DCC)JamesSevenPhonogram✔️19935109325
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableJames, WendyNow Ain't The Time For Your TearsMCA Records
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableJansons, MarissSibelius: Sym.1EMI7542735
Jesus Jones - Doubt (DCC)Jesus JonesDoubtEMI✔️199179 5716 5
Jethro Tull - Aqualung (DCC)Jethro TullAqualungEMI✔️19933210445
Jethro Tull - Best of Jethro Tull (DCC)Jethro TullBest of Jethro TullChrysalis✔️94632107855
John Mayall - Blues Breakers (With Eric Clapton) (DCC)John MayallBlues Breakers (With Eric Clapton)Dream✔️1995800 086-5
John, Elton - Love Songs (DCC)John, EltonLove SongsRocket Record Company✔️1995528 788-5
John, Elton - Duets (DCC)John, EltonDuetsRocket Record Company✔️1993518 478-5
John, Elton - Made In England (DCC)John, EltonMade In EnglandRocket Record Company✔️1995526 185-5
John, Elton - Sleeping With The Past (DCC)John, EltonSleeping With The PastRocket Record Company, Phonogram✔️1992838 839-5
John, Elton - The One (DCC)John, EltonThe OneRocket Record Company✔️1992512 360-5
John, Elton - Two Rooms: Celebrating The Songs Of Elton John & Bernie Taupin (DCC)John, EltonTwo Rooms: Celebrating The Songs Of Elton John & Bernie TaupinPhonogram✔️1993845 750 5
Johnny Guitar Watson - A Real Mother For Ya (DCC)Johnny Guitar WatsonA Real Mother For YaHigh Fashion✔️2021DCC44252
Johnson, Eric  - Ah Via Musicom (DCC)Johnson, Eric Ah Via MusicomCapitol✔️19900777-7-90517-5-5
Jones, Grace - Island Life (DCC)Jones, GraceIsland LifeIsland✔️1985842 453-5
Jones, Salena - Salena Jones: The Collection (DCC)Jones, SalenaSalena Jones: The CollectionJVC-Victor✔️1992VIXP-8
Jordan, Stanley - Magic Touch (DCC)Jordan, StanleyMagic TouchBlue Note✔️07777460925-8
Jovanotti - Lorenzo 1994 (DCC)JovanottiLorenzo 1994Soleluna, Mercury, Phonogram✔️1994518 771 - 5
Judd, Wynonna - Wynonna (DCC)Judd, WynonnaWynonnaCurb✔️1992MCAX-10529
Judds - Judds Greatest Hits (DCC)JuddsJudds Greatest HitsCurb Records✔️199358318-5
Judds - Judds Greatest Hits Volume 2 (DCC)JuddsJudds Greatest Hits Volume 2Curb Records✔️199361018 5
Kan - A Wonderful Life (DCC)KanA Wonderful LifePolydor✔️1992JASRAC
Kanelko - Macross  II (DCC)KanelkoMacross IIVictor✔️1992VIXL-12
Kastelruther Spatzen - Der rote Diamant (DCC)Kastelruther SpatzenDer rote DiamantKOCH Schwann✔️523000
Kasteruther Spatzen - Eine weibe Rose (DCC)Kasteruther SpatzenEine weibe RoseKOCH Schwann✔️522810
Horii Katsumi - Views Collection (DCC)Horii KatsumiViews CollectionBMG✔️1992BVXR-88
Kaufmann - Piano Pieces Klavierwerke (DCC)KaufmannPiano Pieces KlavierwerkeKoch✔️5 6035 5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableKeith, TobyToby Keith✔️
Kenny G - Breathless (DCC)Kenny GBreathlessArista, BMG Music✔️199207822-18646-5
Kenny G - Duotones (DCC)Kenny GDuotonesBMG✔️199307822 184275
Kenny G - Silhouette (DCC)Kenny GSilhouetteArista, BMG Music✔️19887822184575
Kentucky Headhunters - Pickin' On Nashville (DCC)Kentucky HeadhuntersPickin' On NashvilleMercury✔️422-838 744-5
Kershaw, Sammy - Haunted Heart (DCC)Kershaw, SammyHaunted HeartMercury✔️1993314-514 332-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableKerstgezangenDopf
King, B.B. - Live At The Apollo (DCC)King, B.B.Live At The ApolloGRP✔️GRP 96375
Kiss - Alive III (DCC)KissAlive IIIMercury✔️1993314 514 777-5
Kiss - Crazy Nights (DCC)KissCrazy NightsMercury✔️888 796-5
Kiss - Revenge (DCC)KissRevengeMercury✔️1992848 037-5
Kiss - Smashes, Thrashes & Hits (DCC)KissSmashes, Thrashes & HitsMercury✔️1988422 836 427-51
Kissin, Yevgeny - Schubert: Wanderer-Fantasie / Brahms: Fantasieen / Liszt: Hongaarse Rapsodie (DCC)Kissin, YevgenySchubert: Wanderer-Fantasie / Brahms: Fantasieen / Liszt: Hongaarse RapsodiePolydor✔️19914350285
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableKissin, YevgenyYevgeny Kissin: Carnegie Hall Debut AlbumBMG✔️09026 612025
Kisugi, Takao - Greatest Hits (DCC)Kisugi, TakaoGreatest HitsPolydor Japan✔️1992KTXR1003
Kitaro - Live In America (DCC)KitaroLive In AmericaGeffen Records✔️1991GEX24323
Klugh, Earl - Best of Earl Klugh (DCC)Klugh, EarlBest of Earl KlughBlue Note✔️80505 5
Knopfler, Mark - Golden Heart (DCC)Knopfler, MarkGolden HeartVertigo✔️1996514 732-5
Knopfler, Mark - Screenplaying (DCC)Knopfler, MarkScreenplayingVertigo✔️518 327 5
Kravitz, Lenny - Mama Said (DCC)Kravitz, LennyMama SaidVirgin America✔️1992461 326
Kronos Quatet - Pieces Of Africa (DCC)Kronos QuatetPieces Of AfricaWarner / Elektra✔️19927559792755
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableKronos QuatetReich: Different TrainsWarner✔️7559791765
Kuzumi, Kyoko - K2 Bestsellers (DCC)Kuzumi, KyokoK2 BestsellersVictor✔️VIXL-2
LaBelle, Patti - Burnin (DCC)LaBelle, PattiBurninBMG✔️1993MCX 10439
Lai,Leon - I Love You Ok (DCC)Lai,LeonI Love You OkPhilips✔️1992514 358-5
Lai,Leon - Apasiones en el Verano (DCC)Lai,LeonApasiones en el VeranoPhilips✔️1993518 041-5
Laid, James - James Laid (DCC)Laid, JamesJames LaidFontana✔️1993514 943-5
Lane, Lois - Precious (DCC)Lane, LoisPreciousPolydor, Lana Lane Records✔️1992513 418-5
Lashley, Angela - Run Girl Run (DCC)Lashley, AngelaRun Girl RunCausing Change✔️2019DCC583FC
Last, James - Christmas Eve (DCC)Last, JamesChristmas EvePolydor✔️1994521 015-5
Clayderman, Richard - The Very Best Of (DCC)Clayderman, RichardThe Very Best OfVictor✔️1992195489
Last, James - In Harmony (DCC)Last, JamesIn HarmonyPolygram✔️1994523 824-5
Last, James - Best from 150 Gold (DCC)Last, JamesBest from 150 GoldPolydor✔️1992835-562-5
Last, James - Viva Espana (DCC)Last, JamesViva EspanaPolydor✔️1992513 308-5
Lavilliers - Champs Du Possible (DCC)LavilliersChamps Du PossibleBig Brother Company✔️523 304 5
Led Zeppelin - IV (DCC)Led ZeppelinIVWarner19937567815285
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableLed ZeppelinUntitledAtlantic✔️19927567-81528-5
Lemper, Ute - Nyman Songbook (DCC)Lemper, UteNyman SongbookPhonogram✔️19854252275
Lemper, Ute - Espace Indecent (DCC)Lemper, UteEspace IndecentPolydor✔️1993521175-5
Lemper, Ute - Ute Lemper sings Kurt Weill vol. 2 (DCC)Lemper, UteUte Lemper sings Kurt Weill vol. 2Decca✔️1993436 417-5
Lennox, Annie - Diva (DCC)Lennox, AnnieDivaRCA✔️199274321100115
Leonard Bernstein - Somewhere (DCC)Leonard BernsteinSomewhereDeutsche Grammphon✔️1991439 251-5
Level 42 - Guaranteed (DCC)Level 42GuaranteedRCA✔️7863621785
Level 42 - Level Best (DCC)Level 42Level BestPolydor✔️841 399-5
Jessye Norman - Erwartung (DCC)Jessye NormanErwartungPhilips✔️1993426261-5
Lewis, Ann  - K Rock (DCC)Lewis, Ann K RockVictor✔️VIXL-3
Liebrand, Ben - Iconic Groove (DCC)Liebrand, BenIconic GrooveDCC Museum✔️2020BLDC4CCM
Lincoln, Abbey - Devil's Got Your Tongue (DCC)Lincoln, AbbeyDevil's Got Your TongueVerve Records✔️513574-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableLindenberg, UdoBenjaminPolydor1993521 133-5
Lindenberg, Udo - Gänsehaut (DCC)Lindenberg, UdoGänsehautPolydor✔️1987835 982-5
Liszt - Liszt: Piano Concerto 1 & 2 e.a. (DCC)LisztLiszt: Piano Concerto 1 & 2 e.a.Phonogram✔️19924330755
Liszt - Berlioz: Syphonie Fantastique/Liszt (DCC)LisztBerlioz: Syphonie Fantastique/LisztDecca✔️1993436839-5
Liszt - Liszt: A Faust Symphony (DCC)LisztLiszt: A Faust SymphonyDecca✔️1993436 359-5
Liszt - Liszt: Opera Transcriptions (DCC)LisztLiszt: Opera TranscriptionsDecca ✔️1993436 736-5
Little Angels - Jam (DCC)Little AngelsJamPolydor✔️1993517 642-5
Little River Band - Little River Band Greatest Hits (DCC)Little River BandLittle River Band Greatest HitsCapitol✔️198246021 5
Live - Mental Jewelry (DCC)LiveMental JewelryBMG✔️1993MCX 10346
Lloyd Webber, Andrew - The New Starlight Express (DCC)Lloyd Webber, AndrewThe New Starlight ExpressPolydor✔️1993519 041-5
Lloyd Webber, Andrew - Hoogtepunten uit the Phantom Of the Opera De Nederlandse Versie (DCC)Lloyd Webber, AndrewHoogtepunten uit the Phantom Of the Opera De Nederlandse VersiePolydor✔️1993521 205-5
Lloyd Webber, Andrew - The Phantom Of The Opera (DCC)Lloyd Webber, AndrewThe Phantom Of The OperaPolydor✔️1987POD VC9
Lloyd Webber, Andrew - Cats Deutsche Originalaufnahme (DCC)Lloyd Webber, AndrewCats Deutsche OriginalaufnahmePolydor✔️1993817 365-5
Lloyd Webber, Andrew - Cats Highlights (DCC)Lloyd Webber, AndrewCats HighlightsPolydor✔️19938394155
Lloyd Webber, Andrew - Phantom Highlights (DCC)Lloyd Webber, AndrewPhantom HighlightsPolydor✔️19938315635
Lloyd Webber, Andrew - The Premiere Collection, The Best Of Andrew Lloyd Webber (DCC)Lloyd Webber, AndrewThe Premiere Collection, The Best Of Andrew Lloyd WebberPolydor✔️1988837 282-5
Lloyd Webber, Andrew - Premiere Collection Encore (DCC)Lloyd Webber, AndrewPremiere Collection EncorePolyGram, Really Useful Records✔️1993517 336 5
Lloyd Webber, Andrew - Ultimate Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection (DCC)Lloyd Webber, AndrewUltimate Andrew Lloyd Webber CollectionKoch✔️540025
Lloyd Webber, Julian - Cello Song (DCC)Lloyd Webber, JulianCello SongPhilips✔️1993434 917-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableLoesser, FrancoGuys And Dolls: The New Broadway Cast RecordingRCA Victor✔️19929026613175
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableLondon Symphony OrchestraShadows and Light EMI07777937455-7U
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableLondonbeatHarmonyBMG199374321 123365
Londonbeat - In The Blood (DCC)LondonbeatIn The BloodRCA✔️74321100105
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableLove SongsLove SongsDisky✔️1993DCC806-5
Lovett, Lyle - Joshua Judges Ruth (DCC)Lovett, LyleJoshua Judges RuthCurb✔️1992MCAX-10475
Luna Sea - Image (DCC)Luna SeaImageMCA✔️MVXD-2
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableLuna SeaEdenMCA✔️1993MVXD-6
Lupu, Ralph - Franz Schubert: Lupu performs Schubert: Sonatas for Piano 21 (Sonatas 664 & 960) (DCC)Lupu, RalphFranz Schubert: Lupu performs Schubert: Sonatas for Piano 21 (Sonatas 664 & 960)London✔️1994440 295-5
Lynch, Ray - Deep Breakfast (DCC)Lynch, RayDeep BreakfastRCA✔️199611118-5
M People - Elegant Slumming (DCC)M PeopleElegant SlummingRCA✔️4321-16678-5
MacMillian, James - The Confession of Isobel Gowdie/ Tryst (DCC)MacMillian, JamesThe Confession of Isobel Gowdie/ TrystKOCH Schwann✔️510506
Madness - Divine Madness (DCC)MadnessDivine MadnessVirgin, Virgin✔️1992463 166
Madonna - Erotica (DCC)MadonnaEroticaMaverick✔️19929362-45031-5
Madonna - Immaculate Collection (DCC)MadonnaImmaculate CollectionSire✔️19907599-26440-5
Maffay, Peter - Freunde Und Propheten (DCC)Maffay, PeterFreunde Und ProphetenTeldec✔️1992409-91001-5DT
Mahler - Mahler: Symphony No. 4 (DCC)MahlerMahler: Symphony No. 4DECCA✔️1994440 315-5
Mahler - Mahler: Sym. 4 (DCC)MahlerMahler: Sym. 4Deutsche Grammophon✔️1993437 527-5
Mahler - Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde (DCC)MahlerMahler: Das Lied von der ErdeDECCA✔️1994434 314-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableMahlerMahler: Sym. 1Polydor4317695
Mahler - Mahler: Sym. 1e (DCC)MahlerMahler: Sym. 1ePhonogram✔️19924257185
Mahler - Mahler: Sym. 5 (DCC)MahlerMahler: Sym. 5Teldec✔️19922291-46152-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableMahlerMahler: Sym. 5Warner✔️19922292461525
Maisky, Mischa - Cellissimo (DCC)Maisky, MischaCellissimoDeutsche Grammophon✔️1994439 863-5
Maisky, Mischa - Meditation (DCC)Maisky, MischaMeditationPolydor✔️19904315445
Marley, Bob - Natural Mystic (DCC)Marley, BobNatural MysticTuff Gong✔️1995524 103-5
Marley, Bob - Legend: The Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers (DCC)Marley, BobLegend: The Best Of Bob Marley And The WailersIsland Records / Tuff Gong✔️1993846 210-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableMarley, BobSongs Of FreedomBMG199374321 104705
Marx, Richard - Repeat Offender (DCC)Marx, RichardRepeat OffenderCapitol✔️19897903480 5
Marx, Richard - Richard Marx (DCC)Marx, RichardRichard MarxCapitol✔️198764 2408335
Marx, Richard - Rush Street (DCC)Marx, RichardRush StreetEMI✔️19937958745
Masterboy - Different Dreams (DCC)MasterboyDifferent DreamsPolydor✔️1994523 369-5
Mattea, Kathy - Collection Of Hits (DCC)Mattea, KathyCollection Of HitsMercury✔️842 330-5
Mattea, Kathy - Lonesome Standard Time (DCC)Mattea, KathyLonesome Standard TimeMercury✔️1992512 567-5
Mattea, Kathy - Walking Away A Winner (DCC)Mattea, KathyWalking Away A WinnerMercury✔️1994314-518 852-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableMauceriComplete OverturesPhilips✔️1992434 127-5
MC Hammer - Funky Headhunter (DCC)MC HammerFunky HeadhunterRCA ✔️19949 24545-5
MC Hammer - Please Hammer Don't Hurt Em (DCC)MC HammerPlease Hammer Don't Hurt EmCapitol✔️19937928575
MC Hammer - Too Legit To Quit (DCC)MC HammerToo Legit To QuitCapitol✔️19937981515
MC Solaar - Prose Combat (DCC)MC SolaarProse CombatPolydor✔️1994521 289-5
MC Solaar - Qui Same Le Vent Racolte Le Tempo (DCC)MC SolaarQui Same Le Vent Racolte Le TempoPolydor✔️1991511 133-5
McCartney, Paul - Off the Ground (DCC)McCartney, PaulOff the GroundCapitol✔️C507777803625-8
McEntire, Reba - For My Broken Heart (DCC)McEntire, RebaFor My Broken HeartBMG✔️1993MCX 10400
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableMcLaughlin, JohnQue AlegriaPolydor19938372805
McLean, Don - Best Of Don McLean (DCC)McLean, DonBest Of Don McLeanEMI✔️199179 8360 5
McRae, Carmen - Carmen Sings Monk (DCC)McRae, CarmenCarmen Sings MonkNovus✔️19907863530865
Me Phi Me - One (DCC)Me Phi MeOneBMG✔️199261036-5
Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell II (DCC)Meat LoafBat Out of Hell IIMCA✔️1993TCV2710-5
Mecano - Aidalai (DCC)MecanoAidalaiAriola, BMG Ariola Espana✔️19917863531815
Mecano - Descanso Dominical (DCC)MecanoDescanso DominicalAriola, BMG Ariola Espana✔️198807863 58516 5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableMecanoLa Movida Madrileña
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableMellencamp, JohnHuman WheelsMercury✔️1993314-518 088-5
Mellencamp, John - Whenever We Wanted (DCC)Mellencamp, JohnWhenever We WantedMercury✔️1992510 151 5
Mellencamp, John - Dance Naked (DCC)Mellencamp, JohnDance NakedMercury✔️1994314522428-5
Mendelssohn - Mendelssohn: A Midsummer Night's Dream Octet (DCC)MendelssohnMendelssohn: A Midsummer Night's Dream OctetDECCA✔️1994440 296-5
Mendelssohn - Mendelssohn: Sym. 3 MendelssohnMendelssohn: Sym. 3 "Scottish" & 4 "Italian"Decca✔️1993433 811-5
Mendelssohn Bruch - Mendelssohn Bruch: Concertos for 2 pianos and Orchestra (DCC)Mendelssohn BruchMendelssohn Bruch: Concertos for 2 pianos and OrchestraPhilips✔️1993432 095-5
Messiaen - Chronochrome L'ascension (DCC)MessiaenChronochrome L'ascensionSchwann✔️561165
Messiaen - Messiaen: Turangalila-Symphonie (DCC)MessiaenMessiaen: Turangalila-Symphonie✔️1993436 626 5
Metallica - Metallica (DCC)MetallicaMetallicaVertigo✔️1991510 022-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableMetheny, PatPastorius / Metheny / Ditmas / Bley
Michael, George - Listen Without Prejudice (DCC)Michael, GeorgeListen Without PrejudiceEpic✔️1990467295-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableMiguel, LuisRomanceWarner19939031758055
Miller, Glenn - Chattanooga Choo Choo (DCC)Miller, GlennChattanooga Choo ChooBMG✔️199307863 531025
Miller, Glenn - In The Digital Mood (DCC)Miller, GlennIn The Digital MoodBMG✔️1993GRP 20045
Milva - Stationen (DCC)MilvaStationenMetronome✔️1992513 782-5
Mint Condition - From The Mint Factory (DCC)Mint ConditionFrom The Mint FactoryPerspective Records✔️199331454 9005 5
Mitchell, Eddy - Rio Grande (DCC)Mitchell, EddyRio GrandePolydor✔️519288-5
Mondriaan Jazz - Mondriaan Jazz (DCC)Mondriaan JazzMondriaan JazzPhilips ✔️1992515 271-5
Moody Blues - Voices in the Sky (DCC)Moody BluesVoices in the SkyDECCA✔️1995820 155-5
Moore, Gary - After Hours (DCC)Moore, GaryAfter HoursVirgin✔️1992462 558
Morandi, Gianni - Questa Ala Storia (DCC)Morandi, GianniQuesta Ala StoriaRCA✔️199174321 10285 5
Morgan, Lorrie - Watch Me (DCC)Morgan, LorrieWatch MeBNA✔️199307863 66047 5
Mouskouri, Nana - Classical (DCC)Mouskouri, NanaClassicalPhilips✔️836 599-5
Mozart - Mozart Piano Concertos 9 & 21 (DCC)MozartMozart Piano Concertos 9 & 21RCA Victor Red Seal✔️19919026608255
Mozart - Mozart: Piano Concertos 19 & 27 (DCC)MozartMozart: Piano Concertos 19 & 27Decca✔️19894212595
Mozart - Mozart Horn Concertos (DCC)MozartMozart Horn ConcertosL'Oiseau- Lire✔️1994442 216-5
Mozart - Mozart: Requiem (DCC)MozartMozart: RequiemPhonogram✔️4336885
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableMozartMozart: Arias✔️4434525
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableMozartClarinet Concerto Horn Concertos Nos. 1 & 4Deutsche Grammophon✔️1988423 377-5
Mozart - Mozart: Excsultate Jubilate (DCC)MozartMozart: Excsultate JubilatePhilips✔️1993434920-5
Mozart - Mozart: Piano Sonatas K. 283 & K. 331 (DCC)MozartMozart: Piano Sonatas K. 283 & K. 331Deutsche Grammophon✔️1994437 763-5
Mozart - Mozart: Zauberflote [Magic Flute] (DCC)MozartMozart: Zauberflote [Magic Flute]Phonogram✔️19924336675
Mozart - Piano Concerto KV 453 (DCC)MozartPiano Concerto KV 453Philips✔️1992422 592-5
Mozart - Haffner Serenade KV250 (DCC)MozartHaffner Serenade KV250Philips ✔️1992432 997-5
Mozart - Mozart: Clarinet Concert Horn (1 & 4) (DCC)MozartMozart: Clarinet Concert Horn (1 & 4)Polydor✔️4233375
Mozart - Mozart: Kronungsmesse (DCC)MozartMozart: KronungsmessePhilips✔️1993426 275-5
Mozart - Mozart: Requiem (DCC)MozartMozart: RequiemWarner✔️19922292454725
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableMozartMozart: C Minor Mass etc.Polydor✔️19914317915
Mozart - Mozart: Fluit & Harpconc. e.v.a. (DCC)MozartMozart: Fluit & Harpconc. e.v.a.Phonogram✔️19924176225
Mozart - Mozart: Grosse Messe C-moll = Great Mass In C Minor, K. 427 (DCC)MozartMozart: Grosse Messe C-moll = Great Mass In C Minor, K. 427Deutsche Grammophon02532 028
Mozart - Mozart: Kleine Nachtmusik (DCC)MozartMozart: Kleine NachtmusikWarner✔️19892292448095
Mozart - Mozart: Kronungsmesse / Coronation Mass (DCC)MozartMozart: Kronungsmesse / Coronation MassPhilips✔️1994434 799-5
Mozart - Mozart: Kronungsmesse / Coronation Mass, K 317 Vesperae Solennes De Confessore, K 339 (DCC)MozartMozart: Kronungsmesse / Coronation Mass, K 317 Vesperae Solennes De Confessore, K 339L'Oiseau-Lyre✔️1993436 585-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableMozartMozart: Miass in c KV 427Polydor4390125
Mozart - Mozart: Overtures (DCC)MozartMozart: OverturesEMI✔️19820777 7470145
Mozart - Mozart: Piano Concertos 20 & 21 (DCC)MozartMozart: Piano Concertos 20 & 21Phonogram✔️19924163815
Mozart - Mozart: Piano Concertos 20 & 21 (DCC)MozartMozart: Piano Concertos 20 & 21Warner✔️19929031757105
Mozart - Mozart: Requiem (DCC)MozartMozart: RequiemRCA Victor Red Seal✔️19929026605995
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableMozartMozart: Requiem in D-min K626BMG09026 605995
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableMozartMozart: Requiem, K626Decca✔️1992433 688-5
Mozart - Mozart: Sym. 39 & 40 (DCC)MozartMozart: Sym. 39 & 40Deutsche Grammophon✔️1994413 776-5
Mozart - Mozart: Sym. 40 & 41 (DCC)MozartMozart: Sym. 40 & 41Philips✔️1992426 315-5
Mozart - Symphonien Nr 36 & 40 (DCC)MozartSymphonien Nr 36 & 40Philips✔️1993434 107-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableMozartMozart: Le Nozze di FigarodLondon✔️1992417 395-5
Mozart Tchaikovsky - Serenades (DCC)Mozart TchaikovskySerenadesPhilips✔️1994438 137-5
Muppet - The Muppet Movie, Philips Demonstration Tape (DCC)MuppetThe Muppet Movie, Philips Demonstration TapeJim Henson Records✔️199374860 35019-2
Murphy, Eddie - Love's Alright (DCC)Murphy, EddieLove's AlrightPolydor✔️1993530 136 5
Mylene Farmer - L'Autre... (DCC)Mylene FarmerL'Autre...Polydor✔️1992849 217-5
Mylene Farmer - Dance Remixes (DCC)Mylene FarmerDance RemixesPolydor✔️1992517 557-5
Nadieh - Eye on the Waves (DCC)NadiehEye on the Waves✔️1991848 981-5
Nannini, Gianna - Dispetto (DCC)Nannini, GiannaDispettoPolydor✔️1995527 174-5
Nannini, Gianna - Giannissima (DCC)Nannini, GiannaGiannissimaMetronome✔️1991511 269-5
Nannini, Gianna - X Forza E X Amore (DCC)Nannini, GiannaX Forza E X AmoreRicordi✔️1993509 194-5
Neigel, Jule - Nur Nach Vorn (DCC)Neigel, JuleNur Nach VornIntercord✔️1991560.246
Neville Brothers - Brother's Keeper (DCC)Neville BrothersBrother's KeeperA&M Records✔️395 312-5
Neville Brothers - Yellow Moon (DCC)Neville BrothersYellow MoonA&M Records✔️75021 5240 5
Neville, Aaron - Grand Tour (DCC)Neville, AaronGrand TourA&M Records✔️199331454-0086
Neville, Aaron - Soulful Christmas (DCC)Neville, AaronSoulful ChristmasA&M Records✔️31454 0127 5
Neville, Aaron - Warm Your Heart (DCC)Neville, AaronWarm Your HeartA&M Records✔️19933971485
New York Trio - Kurdish Dance (DCC)New York TrioKurdish DanceVerve✔️1992517 708 5
Nagi - Sojiro (DCC)NagiSojiroPolydor✔️1992POXH-1010
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableNiagaraLa Vérité 
Nielsen - Nielsen: Sym. 4 & 5   (DCC)NielsenNielsen: Sym. 4 & 5  Phonogram✔️19934215245
Nieuwjaars - Neujahrskonzert · New Years Concert (DCC)NieuwjaarsNeujahrskonzert · New Years ConcertPhilips Classics Productions✔️1993438 493-5
Nieuwjaars - Nieuwjaars in Wien (Johann & Josef Strauss) (DCC)NieuwjaarsNieuwjaars in Wien (Johann & Josef Strauss)Polydor✔️19934376875
Nieuwjaars - Nieuwjaarsconcert 1994 (DCC)NieuwjaarsNieuwjaarsconcert 1994Philips✔️526 718 5
Nieuwjaars - Nieuwjaarsconcert 1995 (DCC)NieuwjaarsNieuwjaarsconcert 1995Philips ✔️1995526 718-5
Nieuwjaars - Nieuwjaarsconcert 1996 (DCC)NieuwjaarsNieuwjaarsconcert 1996Philips✔️1996532 067-5
Nigel Kennedy - Antonio Vivaldi: Four Seasons (DCC)Nigel KennedyAntonio Vivaldi: Four SeasonsEMI Classics✔️DCC 7 49557 5
Nirvana - Nevermind (DCC)NirvanaNevermindDGC✔️1991DGCX-24425
Norman, Jessye - A Christmas Concert (DCC)Norman, JessyeA Christmas ConcertPhilips✔️1992432731-5
Norman, Jessye - Bizet: Carmen [Highlights Grosser Querschnitt Extraits] (DCC)Norman, JessyeBizet: Carmen [Highlights Grosser Querschnitt Extraits]Philips Classics Productions✔️19894260405
Norman, Jessye - Brahms: Alto Rapsodie  (DCC)Norman, JessyeBrahms: Alto Rapsodie Phonogram✔️19904262535
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableNorman, JessyeChristmastide
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableNorman, JessyeJessye Norman At Notre Dame: A Christmas Concert
Norman, Jessye - Sacred Songs (DCC)Norman, JessyeSacred SongsPhilips✔️1993436 546-5
Norman, Jessye - Strauss: Vier Letzte Lieder / Orchesterlieder (DCC)Norman, JessyeStrauss: Vier Letzte Lieder / OrchesterliederPhonogram✔️19834110525
Norman, Jessye - Spirituals In Concert (DCC)Norman, JessyeSpirituals In ConcertPolydor✔️19914297905
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableNorrington, RogerRossini: OverturesEMI7540915
O'Connor, Sinead - I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got (DCC)O'Connor, SineadI Do Not Want What I Haven't GotEnsign✔️3217595
Ochesneknecht,Uwe - Ochsenknecht (DCC)Ochesneknecht,UweOchsenknechtMetronome✔️1992511 824-5
Ochsenknecht, Uwe - Girls Crossing (DCC)Ochsenknecht, UweGirls CrossingMetronome✔️1994519 793-5
Oef - Uut de Kunst (DCC)OefUut de Kunst✔️OEFSAMP
Ogura, Kei - Re Best (DCC)Ogura, KeiRe BestPolydor Japan✔️1992KTXR1002
Oldfield, Mike - Tubular Bells (DCC)Oldfield, MikeTubular BellsVirgin✔️1992462 764
Oldfield, Mike - Tubular Bells II (DCC)Oldfield, MikeTubular Bells IIWEA✔️19924509-90618-5
OMD - Best Of OMD (DCC)OMDBest Of OMDVirgin✔️1992458 604
OMD - Sugar Tax (DCC)OMDSugar TaxVirgin, Virgin✔️1991CDV2648
Opera Choruses - Opera Choruses (DCC)Opera ChorusesOpera ChorusesDeutsche Grammophon✔️1984415 283-5
Opera Choruses - Opera Choruses (DCC)Opera ChorusesOpera ChorusesDeutsche Grammophon✔️19844152835
Ortf - Ortf: Carmina Burana (DCC)OrtfOrtf: Carmina BuranaPhonogram✔️19924305095
Ortf - Ortf: Carmina Burana (DCC)OrtfOrtf: Carmina BuranaPhonogram✔️19894223635
Ostbahn Kurti & Die Oberpartie - A Blede Gschicht (DCC)Ostbahn Kurti & Die OberpartieA Blede GschichtAmadeo✔️1992519-177-5
Otokogumi - 44317 (DCC)Otokogumi5-1Victor✔️BVXR-2533
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableOtokogumiBest of BalladsVictor✔️1993BVXR-110
Ozawa - Symphony no. 9 In der Natur (DCC)OzawaSymphony no. 9 In der NaturPhilips ✔️1992432 996-5
P.M. Dawn - Bliss Album...? (Vibrations of Love and Anger and the Ponderance of Life and Existence)  (DCC)P.M. DawnBliss Album...? (Vibrations of Love and Anger and the Ponderance of Life and Existence) ✔️1992510 276-5
P.M. Dawn - Of The Heart, Of The Soul And Of The Cross: The Utopian Experience (DCC)P.M. DawnOf The Heart, Of The Soul And Of The Cross: The Utopian ExperienceIsland Records✔️199374321 110005
Paganini - Pagaini for Two (DCC)PaganiniPagaini for TwoDeutsche Grammophon✔️1993437 837-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailablePaganiniPaganini: Moto perpetuo in C / Duos for Violin & Guitar
Paganini - Paganini: Violin Concerto 1, Saint-Saens: Havanaise, Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso, Waxman: Carmen Fantasie (DCC)PaganiniPaganini: Violin Concerto 1, Saint-Saens: Havanaise, Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso, Waxman: Carmen FantasieTeldec Classics International GmbH✔️19929031-73266-5
Pagny, Florent - Bienvenue Chez Moi  (DCC)Pagny, FlorentBienvenue Chez Moi ✔️1995528759-5
Palmer, Robert - Addictions Volume 1 (DCC)Palmer, RobertAddictions Volume 1Island Records✔️1992842 301-5
Palmer, Robert - Addictions Volume 2 (DCC)Palmer, RobertAddictions Volume 2Island Records✔️1992510 345-5
Palmer, Robert - Heavy Nova (DCC)Palmer, RobertHeavy NovaEMI✔️19937480575
Paradis, Vanessa - Vanessa Paradis (DCC)Paradis, VanessaVanessa ParadisPolydor✔️19935139545
Paradis, Vanessa - Vanessa Paradis (DCC)Paradis, VanessaVanessa ParadisPolydor✔️19935172315
Paradis, Vanessa - Vanessa Paradis Live (DCC)Paradis, VanessaVanessa Paradis LiveRemark✔️1994521 693-5
Paris 1920 - Paris 1920 (DCC)Paris 1920Paris 1920Philips Digital Classics✔️1993432 993-5
Passengers - Original Soundtracks 1 (DCC)PassengersOriginal Soundtracks 1Island Records✔️1995524 166-5
Pavaroti, Luciano - My Heart's Delight (DCC)Pavaroti, LucianoMy Heart's DelightDecca Record Company Limited✔️1994443 260-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailablePavaroti, LucianoCentral Park
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailablePavaroti, LucianoModena Live Concert
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailablePavaroti, LucianoPavarotti & Friends 2
Pavaroti, Luciano - Volare (DCC)Pavaroti, LucianoVolareDecca✔️1992421 052-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailablePavaroti, Luciano3 Tenoren Concert [José Carreras, Plácido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti]Phonogram4304335
Pavarotti, Luciano - Pagliacci (DCC)Pavarotti, LucianoPagliacciPhilips✔️1993434-131-5
Pavarotti, Luciano - Pavarotti in Hyde Park (DCC)Pavarotti, LucianoPavarotti in Hyde ParkDecca✔️19914363205
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailablePearl JamVitalogy
Peniston, Ce Ce - Thought 'Ya Knew (DCC)Peniston, Ce CeThought 'Ya KnewA&M Records✔️199331454 0138 5
Penn, Michael - Free-For-All (DCC)Penn, MichaelFree-For-AllRCA Victor✔️199276986113-5
Pergolesi - Stabat Mater Salve Regina (DCC)PergolesiStabat Mater Salve ReginaDecca✔️1993436 209-5
Pesche, Doro - Angels Never Die (DCC)Pesche, DoroAngels Never DieVertigo✔️1993514 309 5
Pesche, Doro - True At Heart (DCC)Pesche, DoroTrue At HeartVertigo✔️1991510 102-5
Person Z - Move (DCC)Person ZMoveBaidis✔️1992TEXN-30001
Pet Shop Boys - Introspective (DCC)Pet Shop BoysIntrospectiveParlophone✔️199479 0868 5
Peter Nero - Digital Compact Concert (DCC)Peter NeroDigital Compact ConcertIntersound✔️51-4161
Petty, Tom - Into the Great Wide Open (DCC)Petty, TomInto the Great Wide OpenWarner✔️8122-78177-5817
Philips Test - Audio 1kHz (DCC)Philips TestAudio 1kHzPhilips✔️8945 749 90130
Philips Test - General Purpose Test  (DCC)Philips TestGeneral Purpose Test Philips ✔️General Test Philips
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailablePhilips Training CentreDCC Sampler - Philips Training CentrePhilips✔️199082835
Phillips, Wilson - Wilson Phillips (DCC)Phillips, WilsonWilson PhillipsEMI✔️199207777937455-7
Pires, Maria Joao - Frederic Chopin: Piano Concertos No. 2 (DCC)Pires, Maria JoaoFrederic Chopin: Piano Concertos No. 2Deutsche Grammophon✔️1994437 817-5
Pitney, Gene - Original Hits 1961 - 1970 (DCC)Pitney, GeneOriginal Hits 1961 - 1970Disky✔️1993809 5
Plant, Robert - No Quarter Unledded (DCC)Plant, RobertNo Quarter UnleddedFontana✔️1994526362-5
Plant, Robert - Fate of Nations (DCC)Plant, RobertFate of NationsFontana✔️1993514 867-5
Police - Police Greatest Hits (DCC)PolicePolice Greatest HitsPolydor✔️19935400305
Police - Police Live! (DCC)PolicePolice Live!A&M✔️1995540 222-5
POP Music Greatets Hits Vol.4 - POP Music Greatest Hits Vol.4 (DCC)POP Music Greatets Hits Vol.4POP Music Greatest Hits Vol.4Polydor✔️1993517 902-5
POP Music Greatets Hits Vol.5 - POP Music Greatest Hits Vol.5 (DCC)POP Music Greatets Hits Vol.5POP Music Greatest Hits Vol.5Polydor✔️1993519 691-5
Porter, Art - Pocket City (DCC)Porter, ArtPocket CityPolydor✔️19935118775
Praetorius - Praetorius: Dances from Terpsichore (DCC)PraetoriusPraetorius: Dances from TerpsichoreDecca✔️414 633-5
Priest, Maxi - Fe Real (DCC)Priest, MaxiFe RealTen Records✔️19920777 7 86488 5 7
Primal Scream - Screamadelica (DCC)Primal ScreamScreamadelicaCreation Records✔️1991CREDCC 076
Prince - (Love Symbol) (DCC)Prince(Love Symbol)Warner✔️19939362450375
Prince - Diamonds And Pearls (DCC)PrinceDiamonds And PearlsPaisley Park, Warner Bros. Records✔️19917599-25379-5
Prince - Purple Rain (DCC)PrincePurple RainWarner✔️19937599251105
Prinzen - Kussen Verboten (DCC)PrinzenKussen VerbotenHansa✔️1992740191
Prokofiev - Romeo & Juliet (DCC)ProkofievRomeo & JulietDeutsche Grammophon✔️1994439 870-5
Prokofiev - Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet (DCC)ProkofievProkofiev: Romeo & JulietPhilips ✔️19914328195
Prokofiev - Prokofiev: Violin Concertos 1&2 (DCC)ProkofievProkofiev: Violin Concertos 1&2DECCA✔️1993440-331-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailablePurPur Live
Purcell - Purcell: Dido & Aeneas (DCC)PurcellPurcell: Dido & AeneasL'Loiseau-Lyre✔️1994436 992-5
Purcell - Dido And Aeneas (DCC)PurcellDido And AeneasPhilips✔️1993432 114-5
Queen - Queen Greatest Hits (DCC)QueenQueen Greatest HitsEMI✔️198174 033-5
Queen - Plays Queen Classic (DCC)QueenPlays Queen ClassicDisky✔️1993dcc 813-5
R.E.M. - Automatic For The People (DCC)R.E.M.Automatic For The PeopleWarner✔️19939362450555
R.E.M. - Out Of Time (DCC)R.E.M.Out Of TimeWarner Bros. Records✔️7599-26496-5
Rachmaninof - Rachmaninof & Tsjaih: Russische Volksliederen (DCC)RachmaninofRachmaninof & Tsjaih: Russische VolksliederenPhonogram✔️19924321195
Rachmaninof - Rachmaninof : Piano Concert No. 2 Paganini Rhapsody (DCC)RachmaninofRachmaninof : Piano Concert No. 2 Paganini RhapsodyLondon✔️1994440 653-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRachmaninofRachmaninof : Piano Concert 2E
Rachmaninof - Rachmaninof: Piano Concertos 2 & 4 (DCC)RachmaninofRachmaninof: Piano Concertos 2 & 4Phonogram✔️19924144755
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRachmaninofRachmaninof: Pico 2 Etudes TableauxBMG✔️07863 579825
Rachmaninof - Rachmaninoff : Concerto 2 - 6 “Etudes Tableaux” (DCC)RachmaninofRachmaninoff : Concerto 2 - 6 “Etudes Tableaux”RCA Victor Red Seal✔️19887863579825
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRachmaninofRachmaninof: Sym. 3 & DansenPhonogram4331815?
Rachmaninoff - Rachmaninoff Symponie No. 2 (DCC)RachmaninoffRachmaninoff Symponie No. 2Philips✔️1994438 864-5
Rachmaninov - Rachmaninov: Symphony No. 1 The Isle of the Dead (DCC)RachmaninovRachmaninov: Symphony No. 1 The Isle of the DeadDECCA✔️1993436 283-5
Raitt, Bonnie - Luck Of The Draw (DCC)Raitt, BonnieLuck Of The DrawCapitol Records✔️C5 0777 7 96111 5 7
Raitt, Bonnie - Luck Of The Draw (DCC)Raitt, BonnieLuck Of The DrawEMI✔️19937961115
Raitt, Bonnie - Nick Of Time (DCC)Raitt, BonnieNick Of TimeCapitol Records / EMI✔️19937912685
Ramazzoti, Eros - Tutte Storie (DCC)Ramazzoti, ErosTutte StorieBMG, DDD✔️74321 14329 5
Ramazzoti, Eros - In Ogni Senso (DCC)Ramazzoti, ErosIn Ogni SensoBMG, DDD✔️19937822186885
Rameau - Rameau: Les Indes Galantes (DCC)RameauRameau: Les Indes GalantesPhilips✔️1994438 946-5
Ravel - Ravel Bolero La Valse Etc (DCC)RavelRavel Bolero La Valse EtcPhilips✔️1993438 209-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRavelRavel: BoleroDeutsche Grammophon✔️1994439 859-5
Ravel - Ravel: Bolero (DCC)RavelRavel: BoleroPhonogram✔️19920777 7543035
Ravel - Ravel: Bolero - Rapsodie Espagnole - Ma Mare L'Oye - Pavane (DCC)RavelRavel: Bolero - Rapsodie Espagnole - Ma Mare L'Oye - PavaneDeutsche Grammophon✔️415 972-5
Ravel - Ravel: Bolero / /Mussorgsky: Rapsodie Espagnola (DCC)RavelRavel: Bolero / /Mussorgsky: Rapsodie EspagnolaDeutsche Grammophon✔️19874390135
Ravel - Ravel: Bolero, La Valse, Daphnis Suite No. 2, Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte (DCC)RavelRavel: Bolero, La Valse, Daphnis Suite No. 2, Pavane Pour Une Infante DefuntePolydor✔️19924144065
Rea, Chris - Best Of Chris Rea (DCC)Rea, ChrisBest Of Chris Rea✔️19922292-43841-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRea, ChrisGod's Great Banana SkinWarner19934509909955
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRea, ChrisNew Light Through Old WindowsWarner✔️19932292438415
Rea, Chris - Road To Hell (DCC)Rea, ChrisRoad To HellWarner✔️19932292462855
Reed, Lou - Magic And Loss (DCC)Reed, LouMagic And LossSire, Warner Bros. Records✔️19927599-26662-5
Reed, Loud - New York (DCC)Reed, LoudNew YorkWarner✔️19937599258295
Reger, Max - Varitationen Op.132 (DCC)Reger, MaxVaritationen Op.132KOCH Schwann✔️5-1141-5
Reich, Steve - Electric Counterpoint (DCC)Reich, SteveElectric Counterpoint✔️19909 79176-5
Reim, Matthias - Matthias Reim (DCC)Reim, MatthiasMatthias ReimPolydor✔️1990843 622-5
Reim, Matthias - Sabotage (DCC)Reim, MatthiasSabotagePolydor✔️1993519 059-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRespighiRespighi: Pini di Roma / Fontana di Roma / Feste RomanePhonogram✔️4321335
Return of the Brecker Brothers - Return Of the Brecker Brothers (DCC)Return of the Brecker BrothersReturn Of the Brecker BrothersGRP✔️19939684-5
Richard, Cliff - Private Collection 1979 - 1988 (DCC)Richard, CliffPrivate Collection 1979 - 1988EMI✔️79 1370 5
Richie, Lionel - Back To Front (DCC)Richie, LionelBack To FrontMotown✔️1992530 018-5
Richie, Lionel - Louder Than Words (DCC)Richie, LionelLouder Than WordsMercury✔️1996532 241-5
Rieu, Andre - Strauss & Co (DCC)Rieu, AndreStrauss & CoMercury✔️1994522 933-5
Rieu, Andre - Wiener Melange (DCC)Rieu, AndreWiener MelangeMercury✔️1995528 786-5
Rifkin - Joplin Piano Rags (DCC)RifkinJoplin Piano RagsWarner✔️19747559-79159-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRighteous BrothersUnchained Melody - Very Best Of Righteous BrothersVerve Records✔️847 248-5
Rimsky - Rimsky Korsaov Scheherazade (DCC)RimskyRimsky Korsaov ScheherazadePhilips✔️1994438 941-5
Rimsky-Korsakov - Songs and Dances of Death: Rimsky-Korsakov / Borodin, Rubinstein / Rachmaninov / Moessorgsky (DCC)Rimsky-KorsakovSongs and Dances of Death: Rimsky-Korsakov / Borodin, Rubinstein / Rachmaninov / MoessorgskyPhilips✔️1990423 679-5
Rippingtons - Curves Ahead (DCC)RippingtonsCurves AheadBMG✔️1993GRP 96515
Ritenour, Lee - Wes bound (DCC)Ritenour, LeeWes boundF&R✔️1993MVXR-21
Ritenour, Lee - Festival (DCC)Ritenour, LeeFestivalGRP✔️GRP 95705
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRitenour, LeeOpen Book
Roberts, Marcus - Deep In The Shed (DCC)Roberts, MarcusDeep In The ShedBMG, Novus, RCA✔️19907863530785
Rock Times 1956-1985 - Rock Times 1956-1985 (DCC)Rock Times 1956-1985Rock Times 1956-1985Phono ✔️199274321 124405
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRodrigoRodrigo: Concierto de AranjuezPolydor✔️19904292325
Rodrigo - Concierto de Aranjuez / Fantasia Para Un Gentil Hombre Pepe Romero (DCC)RodrigoConcierto de Aranjuez / Fantasia Para Un Gentil Hombre Pepe RomeroPhilips✔️1994438 016-5
Rogers, Kenny - Kenny Rogers Story (DCC)Rogers, KennyKenny Rogers StoryLiberty✔️74 8615 5
Rogers, Kenny - Once Upon A Christmas (DCC)Rogers, KennyOnce Upon A ChristmasRCA✔️1992ASK1-5307
Roland Bader - Symphonies 1&2 (DCC)Roland BaderSymphonies 1&2KOCH Schwann✔️561915
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRolling StonesBetween The ButtonsPhonogram19938201385
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRolling StonesBig HitsPhonogram19938440885
Rondo Piano - Pretty Pianos (DCC)Rondo PianoPretty PianosSchwann✔️510575
Ross, Diana - Force Behind The Power (DCC)Ross, DianaForce Behind The PowerEMI✔️79 7154 5
Ross, Diana - Motown's Greatest Hits (DCC)Ross, DianaMotown's Greatest HitsMotown✔️1992530 013-5
Ross, Diana - One Woman: The Ultimate Collection (DCC)Ross, DianaOne Woman: The Ultimate CollectionEMI✔️1993TC-827702-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRoss, ScottScarletti: Best SonatasWarner2292454235
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRossi, VascoLiberi LiberiEMI07921795
Rossini - Rossini: Heroines (DCC)RossiniRossini: HeroinesPhonogram✔️19884360755
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRossiniBel Canto Aria's
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRossiniRossini: String Sonatas 2, 4 & 5DECCA✔️1994436 832-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRossiniRossini: Sonata Voor Strijkers II
Rossini - Rossini : Stringsonates (DCC)RossiniRossini : StringsonatesPhonogram✔️4337015
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRossiniRossini OverturesEMI1991DCC 7 54091 5
Rossini - Rossini: 7 Ouvertures (DCC)RossiniRossini: 7 OuverturesPhonogram✔️19924000495
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRostratificationRostratificationPolygram19935192085
Roxette - Joyride (DCC)RoxetteJoyrideEMI✔️19927960485
Roxette - Look Sharp! (DCC)RoxetteLook Sharp!EMI✔️19927910985
Roxette - Tourism (DCC)RoxetteTourismEMI✔️19937999295
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableRubinstein, ArthurLast Recital For IsraelBMG09026 611605
Rush, Jennifer - Jennifer Rush (DCC)Rush, JenniferJennifer RushElectrola✔️199278065357
The Rusty Nutz - We Tried To Make It Big But Something Went Wrong (DCC)The Rusty NutzWe Tried To Make It Big But Something Went WrongBandcds✔️2022LSNUTZ01
Saint Saens - Saint Saens Organ Symphony (DCC)Saint SaensSaint Saens Organ SymphonyDeutsche Grammophon✔️1993435 854-5
Saint-Saens - Saint-Saens: Sym. 3 Saint-SaensSaint-Saens: Sym. 3 "Orgel"Polydor✔️19824390145
Saint-Saens - Saint-Saens: Sym. 3 Op. 78 / La Jeunesse D’Hercule Op. 50 (DCC)Saint-SaensSaint-Saens: Sym. 3 Op. 78 / La Jeunesse D’Hercule Op. 50Warner✔️19922292456965
Saint-Saens - Saint-Saens: Orgel Sym 3 in C minor Op. 78 / Dukas: Sorcerer’s Apprentice (DCC)Saint-SaensSaint-Saens: Orgel Sym 3 in C minor Op. 78 / Dukas: Sorcerer’s ApprenticePolydor✔️1987419 617-5
Salt 'N' Pepa - Salt 'N' Pepa; The Greatest Hits (DCC)Salt 'N' PepaSalt 'N' Pepa; The Greatest HitsFFRR, Next Plateau Records Inc.✔️1991828 291-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableSandra18 Greatest HitsVirgin1993463 153
Sanson, Veronique - Symphonique Sanson (DCC)Sanson, VeroniqueSymphonique SansonWarner✔️1990903172139-5
Satie - Satie: 3 Gymnopedies / 6 Gnossiennes (DCC)SatieSatie: 3 Gymnopedies / 6 GnossiennesPhonogram✔️19844102205
Sawallisch, Wolfgang - Brahms: Sym No.2 (DCC)Sawallisch, WolfgangBrahms: Sym No.2EMI✔️19900777 7540595
Scarlatti - Scarlatti: Best Sonatas [Les Plus Belles Sonates] (DCC)ScarlattiScarlatti: Best Sonatas [Les Plus Belles Sonates]Erato✔️19922292-45423-5
Scene - Avenue De La Scene (DCC)SceneAvenue De La SceneMercury✔️1994526 224 5
Scene - Scene Greatest Hits (DCC)SceneScene Greatest HitsMercury✔️1995518 417-5
Schiff, Heinrich - Dvorak Cello Concerto Rono in G Minor (DCC)Schiff, HeinrichDvorak Cello Concerto Rono in G MinorPhilips ✔️1993434 914-5
Schubert - Schubert: 8 Impromptus (DCC)SchubertSchubert: 8 ImpromptusPhonogram✔️19924222375
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableSchubertSchubert: Sonatas 157, 537 & 939
Schubert - Schubert Piano Sonatas D566 D784 D850 (DCC)SchubertSchubert Piano Sonatas D566 D784 D850DECCA✔️1993440 306-5
Schubert - Schubert Pianos Sonatas D537 and D959 (DCC)SchubertSchubert Pianos Sonatas D537 and D959London ✔️1994440 309-5
Schubert - Schubert Pianos Sonatas D568 and D958 (DCC)SchubertSchubert Pianos Sonatas D568 and D958London✔️1994440 308-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableSchubertSchubert: Sonatas for piano No. 17 (Sonatas 566, 784 & 850)
Schubert - Schubert / Schumann: Sonata D’960 “Kinderszenen” (DCC)SchubertSchubert / Schumann: Sonata D’960 “Kinderszenen”Polydor✔️19914350255
Schubert - Schubert: Quintet In C (DCC)SchubertSchubert: Quintet In CEMI✔️19930777 7 47018 5 3
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableSchubertSchubert: String QuintetEMI7470185
Schubert - Schubert: String Quintet D’956 (DCC)SchubertSchubert: String Quintet D’956Polydor✔️19924317925
Schubert - Schubert: Sym. 5 & 8 (DCC)SchubertSchubert: Sym. 5 & 8Decca Music Group Limited✔️1993433 072-5
Schubert - Schubert: Sym. 9 in C Overture D591 (DCC)SchubertSchubert: Sym. 9 in C Overture D591DECCA✔️1993436 598-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableSchubertSchubert: Sym. 5 & 8Phonogram✔️4330725
Schubert - o;bertp (DCC)Schuberto;bertpPhilips✔️1993438 006-5
Schubert - Schubert: String Quartet in C, D.956 Quartettsatx, D703 (DCC)SchubertSchubert: String Quartet in C, D.956 Quartettsatx, D703DECCA✔️1993436 324-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableSchubertSchubert: String Quartet in C, D.956Philips✔️1993432 108-5
Schumann - Schumann Cello Concerto (DCC)SchumannSchumann Cello ConcertoPhilips ✔️1993422 414-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableSchumannSchumann: Kerner SongsWarner2292449355
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableSchumannSchumann: Pianomuziek Vol.VI
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableSchumannSchumann / Grieg: Piano ConcertosPolydor4390155
Schumann - Schumann: Sym. 1 & 2 (DCC)SchumannSchumann: Sym. 1 & 2Decca✔️1993433486-5
Schumann - Schumann: Sym. 1 & 4 (DCC)SchumannSchumann: Sym. 1 & 4Phonogram✔️19924256085
Schumann Dvorak - Schumann: Sym No. 4 Dvorak: Sym No.8 (DCC)Schumann DvorakSchumann: Sym No. 4 Dvorak: Sym No.8Deutsche Grammophon✔️15050
Schuur, Diane - In Tribute (DCC)Schuur, DianeIn TributeGRP✔️1992GRP 20065
Scorpions - Best of Rockers 'n' Ballads (DCC)ScorpionsBest of Rockers 'n' BalladsMercury✔️1989422 842 00205
Scorpions - Crazy World (DCC)ScorpionsCrazy WorldMercury✔️1990846 908 5
Scorpions - Face The Heat (DCC)ScorpionsFace The HeatMercury✔️1993314 518 258-5
Seal - Seal (DCC)SealSealZTT✔️19929031-74557-5
Senju - Tchaikovsky and Mendelssohn (DCC)SenjuTchaikovsky and MendelssohnVictor✔️1992VIXC-1
Sepultura - Chaos A.D. (DCC)SepulturaChaos A.D.Roadrunner✔️1993RR 9000-9
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableSex PistolsKiss ThisVirgin199207777 8 648956
Sgt. 606 - DCC Museum Presents Sgt. 606 (DCC)Sgt. 606DCC Museum Presents Sgt. 606Causing Change✔️201820SGTCCM
Shakatak - Street Level (DCC)ShakatakStreet LevelPolydor✔️1992POXP1004
Shakespear's Sister - Hormonally Yours (DCC)Shakespear's SisterHormonally YoursFFRR✔️828 266-5
Shanice - Inner Child (DCC)ShaniceInner ChildMotown✔️1992374636319-5
Shanice - Inner Child (DCC)ShaniceInner ChildPolydor✔️19935300085
Sheller, William - Olympiade (DCC)Sheller, WilliamOlympiadeSACEM✔️1995526696-5
Sheller, William - Albion (DCC)Sheller, WilliamAlbionPhilips✔️1994518 963-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableSheller, WilliamSheller and Solitaire
Shonen Knife - Let's Knife (DCC)Shonen KnifeLet's KnifeVictor✔️1992MVXD3
Shostakovich - Song of the Forests (DCC)ShostakovichSong of the ForestsVictor✔️1992VIXC-8
Shostakovisch - Shostakovisch: Sym. 5 (DCC)ShostakovischShostakovisch: Sym. 5Phonogram✔️19924211205
Sibelius - Jean Sibelius: Symphony No. 2 (DCC)SibeliusJean Sibelius: Symphony No. 2Deutsche Phonogram✔️1993437 826-5
Sibelius - Sibelius :Sym. No.2 “Tapiola” (DCC)SibeliusSibelius :Sym. No.2 “Tapiola”Decca✔️1992433 810-5
Sibelius - Sibelius: Sym. 4 & 5 (DCC)SibeliusSibelius: Sym. 4 & 5Phonogram✔️4258585
Sibelius, Jean - Symhpony No.2 (DCC)Sibelius, JeanSymhpony No.2Deutsche Grammophon✔️1993437 828-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableSilencersSeconds of Pleasure
Simon, Paul - Graceland (DCC)Simon, PaulGracelandWarner Bros. Records✔️7599-25447-5
Simple Minds - Glittering Prize 81/92 (DCC)Simple MindsGlittering Prize 81/92Virgin✔️463 168
Simply Red - A New Flame (DCC)Simply RedA New FlameEastWest✔️19922292-44689-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableSimply RedPicture Book (Remasters)Warner19939031769935
Simply Red - Stars (DCC)Simply RedStarsWarner✔️19939031752845
Sinatra, Frank - Capitol Collectors Series (DCC)Sinatra, FrankCapitol Collectors SeriesCapitol✔️921605-5
Sinatra, Frank - New York New York: His Greatest Hits (DCC)Sinatra, FrankNew York New York: His Greatest HitsReprise Records✔️7599-23927-5
Slatkin - American Album (DCC)SlatkinAmerican AlbumRCA Victor✔️19919026607785
Slaughter - The Wild Life (DCC)SlaughterThe Wild LifeChrysalis✔️0946 3 21911-5
Slaughter - Stick It To Ya  (DCC)SlaughterStick It To Ya Popron✔️19900946 3 21702-5
Smap - 2 (DCC)Smap2Victor✔️1992VIXL-14
Smetana - Smetana: Ma Vlast (DCC)SmetanaSmetana: Ma VlastPolydor✔️19874316525
Smith, Curt - Soul On Board (DCC)Smith, CurtSoul On BoardMercury✔️1993518 019-5
Snap! - Madman's Return (DCC)Snap!Madman's ReturnLogic Records✔️19927822123295
Soft Ballet - Million Mirrors (DCC)Soft BalletMillion MirrorsVictor✔️1992VIXL13
Somerville, Jimmy - Dare To Love (DCC)Somerville, JimmyDare To LoveLondon✔️828 540 5
Sondheim, Stephen - Into The Woods: Broadway Cast (DCC)Sondheim, StephenInto The Woods: Broadway CastBMG✔️19937863567965
Soultrain - Volume 1 (DCC)SoultrainVolume 1Teichicu Records✔️1993TEXP-28004
SoundCheck - Audio SoundCheck (DCC)SoundCheckAudio SoundCheckPhono✔️1992DCC27000503Z
Soundgarden - Superunknown (DCC)SoundgardenSuperunknownA&M Records✔️1994540 215-5
Spyro Gyra - Spyro Gyra Collection (DCC)Spyro GyraSpyro Gyra CollectionGRP✔️1992GRP 96425
Squeeze - Some Fantastic Place (DCC)SqueezeSome Fantastic PlaceA&M Records✔️199331454 0140 5
Stansfield, Lisa - So Natural (DCC)Stansfield, LisaSo NaturalBMG✔️199374321 17231-5
Stansfield, Lisa - Affection (DCC)Stansfield, LisaAffectionBMG✔️199307822 185545
Stansfield, Lisa - Real Love (DCC)Stansfield, LisaReal LoveBMG✔️199307822 186795
Starink, Ed - Synthesizer Greatest - The Ultimate Collection (DCC)Starink, EdSynthesizer Greatest - The Ultimate CollectionArcade✔️19928800094
Stars In The Snow - Stars In The Snow (DCC)Stars In The SnowStars In The SnowPolygram✔️1993516 394-5
Status Quo - Rocking All Over The Years (DCC)Status QuoRocking All Over The YearsPhonogram✔️19938467975
Steelheart - Tangled In Reins (DCC)SteelheartTangled In ReinsBMG✔️1993MCX 10426
Stereo MC - Connected (DCC)Stereo MCConnectedBMG✔️199374321 112275
Steve Miller Band - Best of 1968-1973 (DCC)Steve Miller BandBest of 1968-1973Capitol✔️C50777795227151
Steve Miller Band - Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits 1974 - 1978 (DCC)Steve Miller BandSteve Miller Band Greatest Hits 1974 - 1978Capitol✔️C5077774610155
Steve Miller Band - Wide River (DCC)Steve Miller BandWide RiverPolydor, Sailor Records✔️1993314 519 441-5
Stewart, Dave - Dave Stewart & Spiritual Cowboys (DCC)Stewart, DaveDave Stewart & Spiritual CowboysBMG✔️199307822 186265
Stewart, Dave - Honest (DCC)Stewart, DaveHonestBMG✔️199307822 186595
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableStewart, RodBest Of Rod StewartWarner19937599260345
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableStewart, RodVagabond HeartWarner19937599265985
Stigers, Curtis - Curtis Stigers (DCC)Stigers, CurtisCurtis StigersArista✔️19917822186605
Sting - Fields Of Gold: The Best Of Sting 1984 - 1994 (DCC)StingFields Of Gold: The Best Of Sting 1984 - 1994A&M Records✔️1994540 286 5
Sting - Mercury Falling (DCC)StingMercury FallingA&M Records✔️1996540 486 5
Sting - Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf (DCC)StingProkofiev: Peter and the WolfPolydor✔️19904293965
Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales (DCC)StingTen Summoner's TalesA&M Records✔️1993540 075 -5
Strait, George - Pure Country (DCC)Strait, GeorgePure CountryBMG✔️1993MCX 10651
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableStraussJohann Strauss Jr. & Josef Strauss: New Year In ViennaDeutsche Grammophon✔️1992437 687-5
Strauss - Ein Heldenleben Till Eulenspiegel (DCC)StraussEin Heldenleben Till EulenspiegelDecca✔️1993436 444-5
Strauss - Strauss: Alpine Symphony / Don Juan (DCC)StraussStrauss: Alpine Symphony / Don JuanPhonogram✔️19924218155
Strauss - Strauss: Don Juan, Tod und Verkl. (DCC)StraussStrauss: Don Juan, Tod und Verkl.Phonogram✔️19924305085
Strauss - Strauss: Ein Heldenleben / Til Eulenspiegel (DCC)StraussStrauss: Ein Heldenleben / Til EulenspiegelErato✔️Philips Test 1
Strauss - Strauss: Eine Alpensinfonie (DCC)StraussStrauss: Eine AlpensinfoniePolydor✔️19814390175
Strauss - Strauss: Sprach Zarathustra / Don Juan (DCC)StraussStrauss: Sprach Zarathustra / Don JuanPolydor✔️19844390165
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableStraussStrauss: Till Eulenspiegel / Ein HeldenlebenWarner✔️2292456215
Strauss - Strauss: Waltzes & Overtures (DCC)StraussStrauss: Waltzes & OverturesEMI✔️19910777 7540895
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableStravinskiMussorgsky: Pictures at an ExhibitionDeutsche Grammophon✔️1993437 551-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableStravinskyStravinsky: Symfonieen
Stravinsky - Stravinsky: Symph in 3 Movements (DCC)StravinskyStravinsky: Symph in 3 MovementsDECCA✔️1993436 416-5
Stravinsky - Stravinsky: Le Sacre du Printemps; Shostakovich: Symphony No. 1 (DCC)StravinskyStravinsky: Le Sacre du Printemps; Shostakovich: Symphony No. 1Phonogram✔️19924364695
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableStravinskyStravinsky: Vuurvogel e.a.Phonogram✔️19924263175
Stravinsky - The Firebird - Scherzo A La Russe (DCC)StravinskyThe Firebird - Scherzo A La RussePhilips✔️1992426-317-5
STS - Auf A Wort (DCC)STSAuf A WortAmadeo✔️1992517 306-5
Sugar - Copper Blue (DCC)SugarCopper BlueCreation Records✔️1992CREDCC 129
Sun Ra Arkestra - Mayan Temples (DCC)Sun Ra ArkestraMayan TemplesBlack Saint✔️1990120121-5
Super-Stakkato - Audio Super-Stakkato (DCC)Super-StakkatoAudio Super-StakkatoPhono ✔️1992LC7684
Supertramp - Brother Where You Bound K (DCC)SupertrampBrother Where You Bound K✔️9306024K
Supertramp - Brother Where You Bound J (DCC)SupertrampBrother Where You Bound J✔️9306024J
Supertramp - Brother Where You Bound E (DCC)SupertrampBrother Where You Bound E✔️9306024E
T. Rex - T.Rex Best Hits (DCC)T. RexT.Rex Best HitsMarc On Wax✔️1992texp 28002
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableTake ThatTake That & Party
Talk Talk - Laughing Stock (DCC)Talk TalkLaughing StockRCA✔️0 42284 77174 5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableTalking HeadsStop Making SensePolydor19935400755
Tam, Alan - Laughin' At Life (DCC)Tam, AlanLaughin' At LifePhilips ✔️1993518 246-5
Tangazo - Music of Latin America (DCC)TangazoMusic of Latin AmericaArgo✔️1993436737-5
Tatsuo, Kamon - The Best Of (DCC)Tatsuo, KamonThe Best OfVictor✔️VIXL-4
Tchaikovsky - Sibelius; Tchaikovsky Violin Concertos (DCC)TchaikovskySibelius; Tchaikovsky Violin ConcertosDeutsche Grammophon✔️1993437 540-5
Tchaikovsky - Tchaikovsky: 1812 Ouverture / Marche Slave Borodin: Polotsian Dances / Steppes of Central Asia Rimsky-Korsakov: Russian Easter Festival / Capriccio Espagnol (DCC)TchaikovskyTchaikovsky: 1812 Ouverture / Marche Slave Borodin: Polotsian Dances / Steppes of Central Asia Rimsky-Korsakov: Russian Easter Festival / Capriccio EspagnolPolydor✔️19904299845
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableTchaikovskyTchaikovsky: Marche Slave Op. 31
Tchaikovsky - Tchaikovsky: Rococo Variations (DCC)TchaikovskyTchaikovsky: Rococo VariationsBMG✔️199209026 607585
Tchaikovsky - Piano Concertos (DCC)TchaikovskyPiano ConcertosDECCA✔️1988427 664-5
Tchaikovsky - Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5 (DCC)TchaikovskyTchaikovsky Symphony No. 5Deutsche Grammophon✔️1993437 542-5
Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture (DCC)Tchaikovsky1812 OverturePhilips✔️1994442 011-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableTchaikovskyTchaikovsky: Violin Concerto / Sibelius: Violin ConcertoPhonogram✔️19924168215
Tchaikovsky - Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No. 1 (DCC)TchaikovskyTchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No. 1Polydor✔️19894274855
Tchaikovsky - Tchaikovsky: Gala In Leningrad (DCC)TchaikovskyTchaikovsky: Gala In LeningradBMG✔️199109026 607395
Tchaikovsky - Tchaikovsky: Sym. 4 (DCC)TchaikovskyTchaikovsky: Sym. 4Polydor4390185
Tchaikovsky - Tchaikovsky: Sym. 5 (DCC)TchaikovskyTchaikovsky: Sym. 5Polydor✔️4390195
Tchaikovsky - Tchaikovsky: Sym. 6 In B Minor, Op. 74 “Pathatique” (DCC)TchaikovskyTchaikovsky: Sym. 6 In B Minor, Op. 74 “Pathatique”Deutsche Grammophon✔️1985439 020-5
Tchaikovsky - Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6 TchaikovskyTchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6 "Pathetique" , Romeo & JulietPolydor✔️19904297405
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableTchaikovskyTchaikovsky Symphony No.4Deutsche Grammophon✔️1985439 018-5
Tchaikovsky - The Sleeping Beauty (DCC)TchaikovskyThe Sleeping BeautyPhilips✔️1993434 930-5
Te Kanawa, Kiri - Ave Maria (DCC)Te Kanawa, KiriAve MariaPhilips✔️19844126295
Te Kanawa, Kiri - Meeting Venus - Music From The Original Soundtrack (Highlights From Wagner's Te Kanawa, KiriMeeting Venus - Music From The Original Soundtrack (Highlights From Wagner's "Tannhäuser")Teldec Classics✔️19912292-46336-5
Te Kanawa, Kiri - Mozart: Le Nozze Di Figaro (DCC)Te Kanawa, KiriMozart: Le Nozze Di FigaroDecca✔️417385-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableTe Kanawa, KiriWagner: Meeting Venus OSTWarner✔️2292463365
Tears For Fears - Elemental (DCC)Tears For FearsElementalMercury✔️1993314 514 875-5
Tears For Fears - Seeds Of Love (DCC)Tears For FearsSeeds Of LoveFontana✔️838 730-5
Tears For Fears - Tears Roll Down (Greatest Hits 82-92) (DCC)Tears For FearsTears Roll Down (Greatest Hits 82-92)Fontana✔️1992510939-5
Technics - DCC Music Sampler (DCC)TechnicsDCC Music SamplerGRP✔️1992GRX-9997
Teenage Fanclub - Bandwagonesque (DCC)Teenage FanclubBandwagonesqueCreation Records✔️1991CREDCC 106
Temptations - Motown's Greatest Hits (DCC)TemptationsMotown's Greatest HitsMotown✔️1992530 015-5
Temptations - The Temptations Greatest Hits (DCC)TemptationsThe Temptations Greatest HitsMotown✔️1992POXT1004
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableThe Best o BaroqueThe Best Of BaroqueArchiv ✔️1982439 248-5
The Hooters - Out Of Body (DCC)The HootersOut Of BodyMCA✔️1991MCX 10753
The Impressionists - The Impressionists (DCC)The ImpressionistsThe ImpressionistsWindham✔️19921934 11116-5
The Perfect Instrumental Collection - The Perfect Instrumental Collection (DCC)The Perfect Instrumental CollectionThe Perfect Instrumental CollectionDisky✔️1993DCC 803-5
Therapy - Infernal Love (DCC)TherapyInfernal LoveA&M✔️1995540 379-5
Thomas, Gary - Till We Have Faces (DCC)Thomas, GaryTill We Have FacesJMT✔️1992514 000-5
Tony Toni Tone - The Revival (DCC)Tony Toni ToneThe RevivalWing Records✔️841 902-5
Tony Toni Tone - Sons Of Soul (DCC)Tony Toni ToneSons Of SoulMercury, Wing Records✔️199320831-4636-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableTraveling WilburysTraveling Wilburys Volume 1Warner19937599257965
Trumpet Concertos - Trumpet Concertos (DCC)Trumpet ConcertosTrumpet ConcertosPhilips✔️1986420 203-5
Tucker, Tanya - Can't Run From Yourself (DCC)Tucker, TanyaCan't Run From YourselfLiberty✔️19920777798987-56
Turner, Tina - Foreign Affair (DCC)Turner, TinaForeign AffairDisco Magic✔️198964 7918735
Turner, Tina - Simply the Best (DCC)Turner, TinaSimply the BestCapitol✔️199197152-5
Tyler, Bonnie - Angel Heart (DCC)Tyler, BonnieAngel HeartBMG✔️199274321 11491 5
Tyler, Bonnie - Bitterblue (DCC)Tyler, BonnieBitterblueBMG✔️199374321 100075
Tyner, McCoy - Turning Point (DCC)Tyner, McCoyTurning PointPolydor✔️19935431635
U2 - Achtung Baby (DCC)U2Achtung BabyIsland Records✔️74321 11007 5
U2 - Joshua Tree (DCC)U2Joshua TreeIsland Records✔️842 298-5
U2 - Rattle And Hum (DCC)U2Rattle And HumIsland Records✔️74321 11006 5
U2 - Unforgettable Fire (DCC)U2Unforgettable FireIsland Records✔️1994822 898-5
U2 - Zooropa (DCC)U2ZooropaIsland Records✔️1993314-518 047-2
Uakti - Mapa (DCC)UaktiMapaPhonogram✔️4329655
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableUB40Best Of UB40 - Volume 1DEP International✔️458 717
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableUgly Kid JoeAmerica's Least WantedMercury, Stardog Records✔️1992512 571-5
Ugly Kid Joe - Menace To Sobriety (DCC)Ugly Kid JoeMenace To SobrietyMercury, Stardog Records✔️528 282-5
United Artists of Messidor - Messidor (DCC)United Artists of MessidorMessidorMessidor✔️199315823-5
Urban Dance Squad - Life 'N Perspectives Of A Genuine Crossover (DCC)Urban Dance SquadLife 'N Perspectives Of A Genuine CrossoverAriola✔️7822186725
Ure, Midge - Pure (DCC)Ure, MidgePureArista✔️19917863610105
Valensia - Valensia (DCC)ValensiaValensiaMercury✔️1993518 849-5
Valse - Valse (DCC)ValseValseDeutsche Grammophon✔️1994447 337-5
Van Morrison - Avalon Sunset (DCC)Van MorrisonAvalon SunsetPolydor✔️839 262-5
Van Morrison - Best Of Van Morrison (DCC)Van MorrisonBest Of Van MorrisonPolydor✔️841 970-5
Van Morrison - Best Of Van Morrison Volume Two (DCC)Van MorrisonBest Of Van Morrison Volume TwoPolydor✔️1993517 760-5
Van Morrison - Enlightenment (DCC)Van MorrisonEnlightenmentPolydor✔️847 100-5
Van Morrison - Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart (DCC)Van MorrisonInarticulate Speech Of The HeartPolydor✔️1995839 604-5
Van Morrison - Too Long In Exile (DCC)Van MorrisonToo Long In ExilePolydor✔️1993314 519 219-5
Van Veen, Herman - In Vogelvlucht (DCC)Van Veen, HermanIn VogelvluchtPolydor✔️19938332405
Van Veen, Herman - Voor Wie Anders (DCC)Van Veen, HermanVoor Wie AndersPolydor✔️521023-5
Vangelis - Themes: Best of Vangelis (DCC)VangelisThemes: Best of VangelisPolydor✔️839515-5
Various Artists - Grand Hotel: the Musical [ Broadway Cast] (DCC)Various ArtistsGrand Hotel: the Musical [ Broadway Cast]RCA Victor✔️0902661327-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableVarious ArtistsDigital Compact Cassette SamplerRCA✔️1992
Various Artists - Special Music Sampler (DCC)Various ArtistsSpecial Music SamplerVictor✔️MPRX-3
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableVarious ArtistsA Merry Christmas And A Happy 1996Collaboration✔️449661-5
Various Artists - ABBA: The Tribute Album (DCC)Various ArtistsABBA: The Tribute AlbumPolar, Polydor✔️1992517 465-5
Various Artists - Pretty Woman (Original Soundtrack) (DCC)Various ArtistsPretty Woman (Original Soundtrack)EMI✔️199064 7934925
Various Artists - Blues Brothers (Original Soundtrack) (DCC)Various ArtistsBlues Brothers (Original Soundtrack)Warner✔️19937567814715
Various Artists - Bodyguard (Original Sound Track) (DCC)Various ArtistsBodyguard (Original Sound Track)Arista✔️19927822186995
Various Artists - Country Und Trucker Songs (DCC)Various ArtistsCountry Und Trucker SongsKoch✔️1992522 828
Various Artists - Country's Greatest Hits (DCC)Various ArtistsCountry's Greatest HitsDisky✔️805-5
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableVarious ArtistsDance CompilationPolydor19935156055
Various Artists - Serenades (DCC)Various ArtistsSerenadesPhilips✔️1993434 108-5
Various Artists - DCC in DSG (DCC)Various ArtistsDCC in DSGPolygram✔️1993515 423-5
Various Artists - Glory of Gershwin (DCC)Various ArtistsGlory of GershwinMercury✔️1994522 727-5
Various Artists - Grease (The Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture) (DCC)Various ArtistsGrease (The Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture)PolyGram Records, Inc.✔️1992825095-5
Various Artists - GRP Live In Session [Dave Grussin, Lee Ritenour, Diane Schuur, Dave Valentin] (DCC)Various ArtistsGRP Live In Session [Dave Grussin, Lee Ritenour, Diane Schuur, Dave Valentin]BMG1993GRP 95325
Various Artists - Guys & Dolls (Original Broadway Cast) (DCC)Various ArtistsGuys & Dolls (Original Broadway Cast)RCAVictor✔️ 09026 613175
Various Artists - Hit Auf Hit (DCC)Various ArtistsHit Auf HitKoch✔️1992522865
Various Artists - Moonlight Appassionata (DCC)Various ArtistsMoonlight AppassionataDecca✔️1992425 838-5
Various Artists - Live At PopKomm/Promo (DCC)Various ArtistsLive At PopKomm/PromoBMG✔️199274321 11073 5
Various Artists - Hitsound Of Motown (DCC)Various ArtistsHitsound Of MotownMotown✔️1994530 453-5
Various Artists - Hut ab Hommage an Udo Lindenberg (DCC)Various ArtistsHut ab Hommage an Udo LindenbergPolydor✔️1994523 550-5
Various Artists - Marantz DCC Treasures The Original Collection (DCC)Various ArtistsMarantz DCC Treasures The Original CollectionPolyGram Special Projects Nederlands✔️1992515 690-5
Various Artists - My Fair Lady: Dutch Version (DCC)Various ArtistsMy Fair Lady: Dutch Version✔️1994526 480-5
Various Artists - Panasonic DCC Music Sampler (DCC)Various ArtistsPanasonic DCC Music SamplerDigital Master, Panasonic✔️1993MPRX-2
Various Artists - Philips DCC Demonstration (DCC)Various ArtistsPhilips DCC DemonstrationPhilips✔️1993516 423-5
Various Artists - Philips Digital Cassette Challenge NED (DCC)Various ArtistsPhilips Digital Cassette Challenge NEDPhilips✔️1995525516-45 NED0027
Various Artists - Philips Digital Cassette Challenge GER (DCC)Various ArtistsPhilips Digital Cassette Challenge GERPhilips✔️1995525516-45 GER0018
Various Artists - Philips Digital Cassette Challenge FRA0000 (DCC)Various ArtistsPhilips Digital Cassette Challenge FRA0000Philips✔️1995525516-45 FRA0000
Various Artists - Philips Digital Cassette Challenge FRA (DCC)Various ArtistsPhilips Digital Cassette Challenge FRAPhilips ✔️1995525516-45 FRA0032
Various Artists - Philips Digital Cassette Challenge ENG (DCC)Various ArtistsPhilips Digital Cassette Challenge ENGPhilips✔️1995525516-45 ENG0010
Various Artists - Pop Compilation (DCC)Various ArtistsPop CompilationPolydor✔️19935156015
Various Artists - Q DCC DCC1 (DCC)Various ArtistsQ DCC DCC1Q Magazine✔️1993DCC1
Various Artists - Q DCC DCC2 (DCC)Various ArtistsQ DCC DCC2Q Magazine✔️1993DCC2
Various Artists - Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves [Original Sound Track] (DCC)Various ArtistsRobin Hood: Prince of Thieves [Original Sound Track]Polydor✔️19935110505
Various Artists - Rock & Roll Compilation (DCC)Various ArtistsRock & Roll CompilationPolydor✔️19935156045
Various Artists - Rock Compilation (DCC)Various ArtistsRock CompilationPolydor✔️19935156025
Various Artists - Romantic Classics (DCC)Various ArtistsRomantic ClassicsDisky✔️1993DCC 808-5
Various Artists - Test The Power To Perform (DCC)Various ArtistsTest The Power To PerformPhilips Car Systems✔️1993516 394-5A
Various Artists - Totally DCC (DCC)Various ArtistsTotally DCCPolyGram Records, Inc.✔️1992SACD 546
Various Artists - Ultimate DCC Collection (DCC)Various ArtistsUltimate DCC CollectionPolyGram Special Projects✔️1992515 600-5
Various Artists - Marantz Pure High Fidelity (DCC)Various ArtistsMarantz Pure High FidelityMarantz✔️1992MARANTZ01
Various Artists - Walt Disney Pictures: Lion King (DCC)Various ArtistsWalt Disney Pictures: Lion KingMercury ✔️1994522 690-5
Vaughn-Williams - Ralph Vaughan-Williams: Fantasia on Vaughn-WilliamsRalph Vaughan-Williams: Fantasia on "Greensleeves"Phonogram✔️1994440 116-5
Vaya Con Dios - Night Owls (DCC)Vaya Con DiosNight OwlsBMG ✔️199374321 100035
Vaya Con Dios - Time Flies (DCC)Vaya Con DiosTime FliesBMG✔️199374321 108965
Vaya Con Dios - Vaya Con Dios (DCC)Vaya Con DiosVaya Con DiosBMG✔️199374321 100025
Vecchioni, Roberto - Blumun (DCC)Vecchioni, RobertoBlumunEMI✔️19937243 8 27330 5 8
Vega, Suzanne - 99.9F (DCC)Vega, Suzanne99.9FA&M Records✔️199231454 0005 5
Vega, Suzanne - Solitude Standing (DCC)Vega, SuzanneSolitude StandingPolydor✔️19933951365
Verdi - La Traviata (DCC)VerdiLa Traviatadigital✔️1992437-726-5
Verdi - The Choruses (DCC)VerdiThe ChorusesDECCA✔️1992430-226-5
Verdi - Rigoletto (DCC)VerdiRigolettoDecca✔️1989436 097-5
Vienna Boys' Choir - Around the World International Folk Songs (DCC)Vienna Boys' ChoirAround the World International Folk SongsPhilips✔️1993438 208-5
Vienna Boys' Choir - Christmas In Vienna (DCC)Vienna Boys' ChoirChristmas In ViennaPhilips✔️1991426 860-5
Vienna Boys' Choir - Merry Christmas (DCC)Vienna Boys' ChoirMerry Christmas✔️1992412 551-5
Vivaldi - Vivaldi: Cello Concerto 6 (DCC)VivaldiVivaldi: Cello Concerto 6Phonogram✔️4217325
Vivaldi - Vivaldi: Cello Concertos, vol.2 (DCC)VivaldiVivaldi: Cello Concertos, vol.2BMG / RCA Victor Red Seal✔️198909026601555
Vivaldi - Vivaldi: Oboe Concertos (DCC)VivaldiVivaldi: Oboe ConcertosL' Oiseau - Lyre✔️1993433 674-5
Waggerhaussen, Stefan - Wenn Dich Die Mondfrau Küsst (DCC)Waggerhaussen, StefanWenn Dich Die Mondfrau KüsstPolydor,✔️1993517 971-5
Wagner - Wagner For Brass (DCC)WagnerWagner For BrassPhilips✔️1993434 109-5
Wagner - Wagner: Overtures and Preludes (DCC)WagnerWagner: Overtures and PreludesDeutsche Phonogram✔️1993435 874-5
Wagner - Wagner:  Ring Des Nibelungen - Excerpts (DCC)WagnerWagner:  Ring Des Nibelungen - ExcerptsDecca✔️1992410 137-5
Wagner - Wagner: Ouvertures en Preludes (DCC)WagnerWagner: Ouvertures en PreludesPhonogram✔️19904262715
Waterboys - Best Of WaterboysBest Of "80-90"EMI✔️19933218455
Watley, Jody - Affairs Of The Heart (DCC)Watley, JodyAffairs Of The HeartBMG✔️1993MCX 10355
Weller, Paul - Paul Weller (DCC)Weller, PaulPaul WellerPhonogram✔️1993828 343-5
Wet Wet Wet - End of Part One: Their Greatest Hits (DCC)Wet Wet WetEnd of Part One: Their Greatest HitsPhonogram✔️1994522 495-5
Wet Wet Wet - The Little Picture (DCC)Wet Wet WetThe Little PictureMercury✔️1995PHIDCC1
Wet Wet Wet - High On The Happy Side (DCC)Wet Wet WetHigh On The Happy SidePhonogram✔️19935104275
Wet Wet Wet - Picture This (DCC)Wet Wet WetPicture ThisMercury✔️1995526 851-5
Wet Wet Wet - Popped In Souled Out (DCC)Wet Wet WetPopped In Souled OutMercury✔️1987832 726-5
White Snake - 1987 (DCC)White Snake1987EMI✔️19937467025
Whittaker, Roger - Stimme des Herzens (DCC)Whittaker, RogerStimme des HerzensIntercord✔️1992570
Who - Tommy: Musical Original Cast Recording (DCC)WhoTommy: Musical Original Cast RecordingRCA✔️199309026-61874-5
Who - Who's Better, Who's Best (This Is The Very Best Of The Who) (DCC)WhoWho's Better, Who's Best (This Is The Very Best Of The Who)Polydor✔️1988835 389-5
Wilde, Kim - Love Is (DCC)Wilde, KimLove IsMCA Records✔️1992MCX 10625
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableWilde, KimSingles Collection 1981 - 1993MCA Records1993MCX 10921
Williams, John - Jurassic Park (Original Motion Pictire Soundtrack) (DCC)Williams, JohnJurassic Park (Original Motion Pictire Soundtrack)MCA Records✔️1993MVXM14
DCC Museum - No Cover AvailableWilliams, JohnWe Wish You a Merry Christmas
Williams, Vanessa - Comfort Zone (DCC)Williams, VanessaComfort ZonePolyGram, Wing Records, Polydor✔️1994511 267-5
Williams, Vanessa - Sweetest Days (DCC)Williams, VanessaSweetest DaysMercury✔️1994526 172-5
Wilson Phillips - Shadows and Light (DCC)Wilson PhillipsShadows and LightEMI✔️19927777-98924-5
Wilson, Jackie - Original Hits 1957 - 1971 (DCC)Wilson, JackieOriginal Hits 1957 - 1971Disky✔️1993DCC 810-5
Windham Hill Records - Sampler 92 (DCC)Windham Hill RecordsSampler 92BMG✔️199211109-5
Winwood, Steve - Chronicles (DCC)Winwood, SteveChroniclesBMG✔️1993MCX 10641
Wolfgang Muthspiel Sextet - Black & Blue (DCC)Wolfgang Muthspiel SextetBlack & BlueAmadeo✔️517 653-5
Wonder Stuff - Construction For The Modern Idiot (DCC)Wonder StuffConstruction For The Modern IdiotPolydor✔️1993519 894-5
Wonder Stuff - Never Loved Elvis (DCC)Wonder StuffNever Loved ElvisPolydor✔️847 252-5
Wonder, Stevie - Conversation Peace (DCC)Wonder, StevieConversation PeaceMotown✔️1995530 238-5
World Party - Bang! (DCC)World PartyBang!Chrysalis✔️19939463 21991-5
World Party - Goodbye Jumbo (DCC)World PartyGoodbye JumboEMI✔️19933216545
JVC World Sounds Bali - JVS World Sounds Bali (DCC)JVC World Sounds BaliJVS World Sounds BaliJVC✔️VIXG8002
Yearwood, Trisha - Hearts in Armor (DCC)Yearwood, TrishaHearts in ArmorMCA✔️1992MCAX 10641
Yello - Baby (DCC)YelloBabyMercury✔️1992848 791-5
Yello - Yello: Essential (DCC)YelloYello: EssentialMercury✔️1992512 390-5
Yello - Zebra (DCC)YelloZebraPhonogram✔️1994522 496-5
Yes - Union (DCC)YesUnionArista✔️07822186435
Zamfir - Glorious Pipes (DCC)ZamfirGlorious PipesPhonogram✔️19884260575
Zimmerman, Krystian - Chopin 4 Ballades (DCC)Zimmerman, KrystianChopin 4 BalladesDeutsche Grammophon✔️1988423 090-5
Zucchero - Miserere (DCC)ZuccheroMisererePolydor✔️19935170975
Zucchero - Sings His Hits in English (DCC)ZuccheroSings His Hits in English
Zucchero - Zucchero (DCC)ZuccheroZuccheroFFRR✔️1991511 962.5
ZZ Top - ZZ Top: Greatest Hits (DCC)ZZ TopZZ Top: Greatest HitsWarner19937599268465