Our DCC Releases

Johnny Guitar Watson
A Real Mother For Ya


In collaboration with High Fashion Music, Ben Liebrand and the Watson Estate we are presenting you a new release of the iconic Real Mother For Ya album by Johnny Guitar Watson on DCC, including the Ben Liebrand remixes!

Ben Liebrand
Iconic Groove


DCC Museum presents the album Iconic Groove by Ben Liebrand on 24 bit 48Khz DCC with 7 special remixes including a DCC vocoder intro.

A special Limited Edition Media Box is also available.
Listen to short samples of each song:

Angela Lashley
Run Girl Run


It is with great pleasure that we are presenting you our latest Digital Compact Cassette (DCC) release. Run Girl Run is the definitive collection of Angela Lashley.
Listen to short samples of each song or order directly on eBay.

SGT. 606


Listen to short samples of each song or order directly on eBay.
SGT. 606 is a phenomenal album and would not have been possible with the endless and substantial support of Causing Change Music.

DCC Museum Tape


For patrons contributing $5 per month (for 12 months), we offer this specially produced official release from the DCCMuseum as a gift!
It contains 3 songs by Jeremy Heiden, exclusively done for the museum. The intro and outro of our video's plus one extra song. All recorded on the original pre-recorded DCC's. Free Worldwide shipping is included.
Songs: Circle M2 / Alright / Next

Jeremy Heiden
Blue Wicked


Making History! “Blue Wicked” is the first commercial release on Digital Compact Cassette in nearly 25 years. Limited, numbered edtion.