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The DCC Museum 2020 Release


The DCC Museum presents the album Iconic Groove by Ben Liebrand on 24-bit 48kHz DCC with 7 special remixes including a DCC vocoder intro.

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Winner Best Cassette Package!

The Limited Edition Media Box of Iconic Groove is the winner of the International Best Cassette Package Award by Making Vinyl. We would like to thank Ben Liebrand, Jeremy Heiden, Jac Goudsmit and Sony, for putting their time, dedication and believe in this beautiful release.

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In 2020, most people probably still remember the Compact Disc. The number of people who remember Digital Compact Cassette is probably a lot lower. Both CD and DCC originate in the Netherlands where Philips developed them together with Sony (CD) and Matsushita (DCC).

Some of us at the DCC Museum are also from the Netherlands and we’ve been Ben Liebrand fans for over 37 years, so it’s a great honor to work together with him on this album. We know Ben is a perfectionist, so we thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase the potential of DCC’s amazing audio quality. Using a modified version of the “mp2enc” open source MPEG Layer 1 encoder and our “DCCU” software, we recorded Ben’s studio-quality masters directly to tape at the highest possible quality for DCC: 48kHz sample rate and 24-bits precision(*).

To our knowledge, this is the first time that a prerecorded DCC has ever been released at 48 kHz sample rate with 24-bit precision. We’re sure you’ll like the result as much as we do. We think this version of Iconic Groove sounds even better than the CD! Unlike some other encoders, DCC has no trouble encoding every aspect of the sound, from the sharpest and loudest drum beats, to the softest and most subtle sparkles of background instruments.

Of course, superb audio reproduction quality is not enough: It all starts with the music, and the special remixes that Ben made for this release (including the special vocoder intro) make the DCC format come into its own. All of this should make this production a unique and valuable addition to your collection.

Limited Edition Video Box

Our 2020 release deserved something special. Next to the regular DCC Cassette for sale, we designed a media box. The media box contains the exclusive DCC Cassette with 11 audio tracks re-mixed by Ben Liebrand for this release.

Ben also created 13 videos that will play automatically on the 5″ video screen as soon as you open the box.

The videos show:

  • Music videos of tracks featured on the DCC  
  • Special new mixes
  • Music videos with lyrics.
  • Behind the scenes in the recording studio.
  • Special-effect videos.
  • Information about the artist and his mixing.

The box has a built-in speaker and a headphone jack, volume control, FFW, REW and a Play/Pause button.

The box can be charged via USB for up to 2 hours playback time.

The artwork on the box was printed using the latest laminate rubber technology, where it feels like velvet/rubber and does not allow fingerprints. It surpasses the quality of Vinyl and CD packaging.

The DCC Museum would like to thank all the Patrons for believing in our mission of keeping the DCC format alive. We would not be able to do it without you!

Why become a Patron?

A Patron (or Patreon) makes a small monthly donation that supports the DCC Museum.

If you are a Patron and promise to stay at least 12 months, you support the cause of the DCC Museum: Keep the DCC format alive!

You will also have access to all our spare parts, have early access to our videos and will be able to order the DCC release of the Iconic Groove album or the Limited Edition Media Box by Ben Liebrand.

This way we can keep producing new releases, as well as creating new spare parts, providing support to all DCC fans across the globe and releasing regular videos.

More information at or send us a message.

Ralf Porankiewicz, Curator of the DCC Museum.

Jac Goudsmit, Mastering Engineer for the DCC release.
Jeremy Heiden, Graphical Production.

(*) This recording is compatible with, and will sound excellent on all DCC players. However, not all DCC equipment is capable of decoding the full dynamic of the 24-bit encoding.

This cassette contains recorded song titles that can be displayed on selected DCC players only.