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RS-DC8 Japan Black Edition

Fourth Generation Technics RS-DC8 Japan Black Edition

  • Form: DCC deck

  • Tape recording system: Fixed-head scheme

Digital recording/play

  • Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz (at the time of an analog input sound recording) and 48/44.1/32kHz (at the time of a digital input sound recording / play)

  • Quantifying bit number: 16-bit linear line

  • Data-processing scheme: PASC

    Frequency characteristic: 10Hz-20kHz – 0.2dB (fs: 44.1kHz) / 10Hz-22kHz – 0.2dB (fs: 48kHz) / 10Hz-14.5kHz – 0.2dB (fs: 32kHz)

  • THD: 0.007% or less (play) / 0.009% or less (sound-recording play)

  • Dynamic range: 95dB (play) / 92dB (sound-recording play)

  • S/N ratio: 98dB (play) / 92dB (sound-recording play)

  • Channel separation: 98dB (play) / 92dB (sound-recording play)

  • Wow and flutter: Below a limit of measurement

Analog play

  • Frequency characteristic: 30Hz-16kHz – 3dB (chromium)

  • S/N ratio (Chromium, 0dB=250 nmb/m): NR off: 58dB / Dolby B NR on: 65dB (CCIR) / Dolby C NR on: 74dB (CCIR)

  • Wow and flutter: 0.08 (W.R.M.S.) – 0.15% (W peak)


  • Analog input termination: 80mV / 33kohm (the minimum input level)

  • Analog output terminal: 2V / 1kohm (maximum output level) / 500mV (Output voltage)

  • Digital input: Two lines

  • Digital output: One line

  • Headphone-output level: 30 mWmax(es) / 32ohms

  • Mechanism scheme: 2 motor high-speed FF/REW mechanism. Automatic-reversing single capstan drive.

  • Fast forward time: About 45 seconds (C-60)

  • Power source: AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz

  • Power consumption: 24W

  • Dimensions: Width 430 x height 136 x depth of 334mm

  • Weight: 6.5kg

  • Adjunct: Wireless remote control