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Divine – Extended (Patreon Glass Disco Ball Edition)


A Limited Edition 7” glass Disco Ball Edition, including the Digital Compact Cassette as well as an Analog Cassette with 3 bonus songs.

The tape used inside the Analog Cassette is the same BASF Chrome Video Tape CK 5021 as the original DCC tape. Therefore, it will be the first Analog Tape that will hardly shed and is approved for DCC players as this will not damage the fragile DCC heads.

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When Jochem Gerrits, Managing Director of High Fashion Music, offered us to take a look at their catalog to release a new album on Digital Compact Cassette, it was a clear choice: Divine! A ‘Best of’ with only the longest versions available. We named it Extended.

Jochem managed to get Ben Liebrand onboard as well. Using AI we created a multi-track and Ben did his magic with a brand-new rework of Native Love (Step By Step). It’s our contribution to the Divine legacy. There is also a 12” record available. As always with the excellent quality of High Fashion Music.
Tracklist DCC:

A1 – Native Love (Step By Step) Ben Liebrand Rework – 8:22
A2 – Shoot Your Shot – 8:25
A3 – Shake It Up – 6:08
A4 – Love Reaction – 5:34
A5 – Psychedelic Shack – 5:01

B6 – Shout It Out – 6:18
B7 – Jungle Jezebel – 4:43
B8 – Kick Your Butt – 5:24
B9 – Alphabet Rap – 6:29
B10 – T-Shirts & Tight Blue Jeans – 3:59
B11 – Native Love (Step By Step) – 5:06


Tracklist analog cassette

C1 – Native Love (Step By Step) Ben Liebrand Dub Mix – 8:04
C2 – Native Love (Step By Step) Disconet Remix – 4:32
C3 – Native Love (Step By Step) Techno Bomb Remix – 5:15


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