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Read-Write Board PW03 New and Upgraded (Serviced)


A new and upgraded PW03 Read-Write board and a recapped PZ03 Audio board. Send us your original Read-Write board and Audio board.

Please send us your original PW03 and PZ03 (Audio board).

We will provide you with a new Read-Write board, using the existing TDA1316 and TDA1317 from your original board. We transfer these to the new and upgraded PW03 by the DCC Museum and Soundtraces.

Your original PZ03 Audio board will be recapped. If you are able to send your mechanism as well, we can fully test all parts and it should be plug and play. If the PZ03 does not need to be recapped (only if it has been done before), the price will be discounted to $199.

We offer this service in the United States and the Netherlands.

VAT / Import Taxes are not included and depend on the country you reside vs the Country we have to send it from.

For the following 1st Generation DCC players:

  • Philips DCC900
  • Marantz DD-82
  • Marantz DD-92
  • Technics RS-DC10
  • Panasonic RS-DC10
  • Optimus DCT-2000

Instructions on how to remove the board and mechanism:

Patreon VIP members can send us an unlimited amount of boards.
Patreon $3 tier members are restricted to 1 (one) board per year.
Patreon $5 tier members are restricted to 2 (two) boards per year.
Patreon $9.50 tier members are restricted to 3 (three) boards per year.


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